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Some of you may remember me from representing Jae in 2016 for Q4 and I'm so happy I got the chance to represent this dork again. Well, let's get onto his intro!

• Birth name: Park Jaehyung • Birthday: September 15, 1992 • Star sign: Virgo • Position: Guitar, vocalist • Height: 182 cm (about 5’11)

Fun facts:
o He was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina
o His family moved to California when he was 5
- They couldn’t speak Spanish very well, but were fluent in English
o He used to upload song covers on his YouTube yellowpostitman
o His favorite color is yellow
o Fans have nicknamed him Chicken Little for his likeness to the character
- He came up with the hashtag sweg chicken for his birthday but later admitted he didn’t know what a sweg chicken was
o He calls himself “The Hashtag King”
o Believes his biggest strength is his eyes and taste in music
o Members say that he yawns when he’s uncomfortable
- They also say that he talks in his sleep, often in different languages
o He graduated State University of California in Long Beach, California
o His hobby is badminton
o He was on SBS’s K-pop Star and finished 6th, leading to him signing an exclusive contract with JYP

That's all for this week! See you next week!