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While watching a Korean Drama, do you ever think, "I want that!" or "I want to do that!"? From the fashion to the food, KDramas are sure to leave you wanting it all. Here are some of the things that KDramas make us long for. 1. Korean electronics The characters always have such cool phones; it makes you want to custom order your own straight from Korea. 2. Food Everyone is always eating in KDramas and the food looks so delicious! It makes you crave Korean foods even if you've never had them. 3. To go to Namsan Tower Namsan Tower is supposed to have one of the best views, and putting a lock up there with that special someone is such a cute idea. 4. Travel to Jeju Island Many KDrama characters vacation in Jeju Island, and it looks so beautiful! You've probably caught yourself wishing for a plane ticket at least once. 5. Start a band with your best friends Always wanted to start a band? Well who better to do it with than your best friends! 6. A second male lead of your own If the female lead doesn't want him, we'll take him! 7. To be the girl that gets to work with all the cute flower boys Whether in a coffee shop, ramen shop, nail salon, vegetable store, or even a dating agency! You don't even care if it means you get to work with them. 8. To download the OST immediately after watching a show It often feels like everyone in KDramas can sing, and the actors are often featured in the show's OST. As soon as you hear the songs from the show, it usually brings back the emotions you felt while watching the show. So you listen to the soundtrack as a reminder of the show that you love. 9. To watch more Korean Dramas! KDramas have an addicting quality that just keeps making you want to watch more! ...I'm just going to leave you guys with this adorable .gif of Kim Woo Bin smiling. What do Kdramas make you want?
drinking soju wid bbq meat n pour ur heart out!!
@christy ahhahaha that is me everytime i watch a korean drama I want to do the dramatic walk next to Han River
I want the phones, the food, go to Han River, Namsun Tower, and go to Jeju Island with a romantic interest.
Lee min ho oppa or KHJ oppa
Really KDrama are the best dramas !! I seriously love Everything Korean .. Like every time I hear anything Korean I'm like *making-heart-in-my-hands* <3 ~~~~~~
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