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Morning Vingle Fam^^

So as today is the last day of the first quarter, I thought that I would introduce the team of the B1A4 Community to you all and what we have in store for you this quarter!!!

Being the first ever moderator for this community, I wanted to make sure we have tons of fun and lots of things going on in the community and I have an amazing team to help me do that!

On Fridays we have the lovely @AlexisJ15 bringing you some of the adorable Jinyoung!

On Saturdays, @awkwardjazzy is bringing you the deep-voiced Baro!

On Sundays, @CrookedShadow is posting about the sexy but cute Gongchan!

On Mondays, I will be posting about CNU - our lovable glasses dork XD

And on Thursdays, we will be rotating the biggest dork of them all, Sandeul, between the four of us this quarter! (I will be doing this first week^^)

I will also be doing weekly newsletters for you all to keep you updated on what is happening in the community and what themes, games, and contests we have going on!!

I am SUPER EXCITED to be bringing this all to you all and if you would like to be added to the community taglist (The BANAnas) or just individual member taglists, let me know as I would love to add you!

Love you fam~

And for this first week the mods and I will be introducing ourselves to you all so keep an eye out for that ;)
See you soon~ XD

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

~The Randoms~

B –
E – @ESwee
F –
J – @JaxomB
L –
N –
P –
R – @roseeoh
W – @WolfLune
X –
Z –

(Credit to owner of the gifs!)

Such cute gifs~ I'm looking forward to all the things we do this quarter :D
please add me to Community tag list
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@Lexxcisco Awesome!
They are the sweetest group of dorks. My daughter's UB is Sandeul.
He is such a cutie. They are so sweet too. I love them all 😂😂😭😭
Tag me please😊😊
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Thank you!!☺️☺️