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So it is now time for me to introduce my awesome new team to you guys!!! Withough further ado, here they are!!!
On Mondays, bring you the handsome Jeonghan and the most adorable DK it is.........
The amazing @VKookie47 ! Thank you so so much for working with me again, we are going to have loads of fun!!!
On Tuesday we have the adorable yet handsome Woozi brought to you by.......
The wonderful @resavalencia, thank you so much for reaching out and asking to join us. I look forward to working with you!!!
On Wednesday bringing to you the dashing S.Coups, and the adorable ( lol I say adorable a lot (^•^)) The8 is.....
Is the astounding ((^•^) I like using big words in my cards haha) @AimeeH ! The maknae loves you!!! Thank you for joining me again!
On Thursday bring you the sassy Seungkwan and the handsome Vernon is........
The amazeballs and totally cool @awkwardjazzy !!! Thank you so so much, girly, for joining me again. We are going to have so so much fun!!!!
On Fridays bring you the extremely dashing pair of Wonwoo and Joshua is.....
Your crazy but totally fun moderator, Meeeee!!!!!!!
On Saturday, bringing you the totally adorbs pair of Dino and Hoshi is......
The amazingly awesome @HeichousRegalia !!! Oh my goodness, thank you so so much for joining me again!! Preparing for so much fun (^•^)!!!
Also being brought to you on Saturday is the dashing Mingyu brought to you by.......
The amazing and wonderful @KaiLuhan4ever ! Thank you so much for sticking around! If been apart of my team since the beginning of my moderator days! Thank you so so much!!!!
And last, but most definitely not least, on Sunday bringing you the dashing and handsome Jun is.........
The amazingly fantastic @InfinitySky !!! Thank you for joining me, and putting up with thy maknae!!!! (^▽^)

***If you would like to be added or unadded to the 13K Elite Official Tag List, please comment in the link below! Bye fam!!!***

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In case you didn't get tagged the first time, I had some technical difficulties earlier 13K Team: @AlexisJ15 @AimeeH @awkwardjazzy @InfinitySky @VKookie47 @HeichousRegalia @KaiLuhan4ever @resavalencia 13K Elite - @MelissaGarza @karinamiranda81 @KenyaMendoza @MaggieHolm @yehetmyohorat97
YAY!! Thanks for letting me join the team, it'll be awesome (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)/
Thank you for having me!! I'm looking forward to this quarter! 😁
Its a nice line up. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Seventeen. 😆