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Vingle will be selecting 100 best collections to represent its English community. Entry Requirements - Collections published to Vingle Interest Communities NO LATER THAN November 24th, 2013. *Collections must have been updated within the past 3 months. Criteria - Collection’s uniqueness - Quality content - Active interaction and engagement Selection Announcement - December 2, 2013 Prizes - Best Collection Badge - Best Collection mark on the collection cover - Displayed on the Vingle Best Collections tab - Featured as Vingle’s representative collection FAQ Inquiries
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i really hope my collection on us politics makes it, but @heisenberg definitely has posted some great ones on politics/news
4 years ago·Reply
@joebiden I know you've been all over my "Babes and Jams" collection since day 1
4 years ago·Reply
so many choices.
4 years ago·Reply
maybe i'll get there next time...fingers crossed!
4 years ago·Reply
seriously I got snubbed
4 years ago·Reply