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Namjoon & the Boys

Hey guys! I am really wanting to get the Rap Mon mod support position and I'm being considered for the spot on the team. Thank you so much!
I wanted to make an appreciation post of Namjoon interacting with the other boys. It's about the whole group together as well~
And we are glad you did Kookie! Where would we be without our maknae?! It is nice to see this because it let's you know how much he respects Rap Mon and looks up to the leader.
Look at his cute sleep face! It's not only in BTS, but it is nice to see how close the boys are. They are best friends and it is beautiful.
Beautiful smiles <3 You can tell that their smiles are genuine. The boys love to be together and mess around. They have such a strong bond.
The boys like to help out each other. Even in cute little ways like this.
BTS messing around and doing stupid little things to each other is one of the best things. They are never not adorable. Well, I can't fully say that because they are also super sexy whenever they want to be.
Also, this is one of my favorite times of when all of the boys are together. They are freaking out because of the fire and it's just so amusing to me.
Me too, Namjoon. Me too.

"I love taco." LOLOLOLOL!!
hhmmmm namjoon, so handsome
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