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How is everybody doing? what's new with you all i havent been on here in so long ive been missing out on so many wonderful cards this Year. I plan on being more active again.

My year has been super active so far and its Only April.

1. I went to the Dumbfoundead Concert Ft. Y.O.X. Concert was AMAZING afterwards i met them. hugged them. took selfies ..

2. SHINee World V Toronto 2Weeks ago.
when i say shinee is legit one of the best things to ever happen to my life i mean it. Kim Ki Bum is a God in person i couldnt take my eyes off him the whole concert. i barely paod attention to anybody else. AMAZING.
they wouldnr let us take pictures or videos during the concert of course i was going to anyway but the ushers and securitu were really tight.

3. I wanna go back to Toronto in May for KCON thats my next goal.

Ummm thats all for now i suppose ill be back with more cards later.
wow that light stick is pretty
The Japanese shawols were nice enough to donate over 1000 lightsticks to then canadian shawols because our shows were last minute and we couldnt get any merchandise in time so there were alot of fan made items given away or sold at the show.