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Hey everyone!!! I am happy to announce that I'm Mod Support for Victon this quarter! I'm so happy to help out on the team because I love Victon so much!!

I'll be representing the mom of the group, Seungsik! I'll be bringing Seungsik to you every Saturday! So that means be prepared since tomorrow is Saturday! ;)

About Me:

~My name is Erica. You can call me Erica or Cha. Either is fine!
~I am 21 years old, born in 1995.
~I have previously been the Day6 and Madtown Moderator's but this quarter I am not a Mod.
~My favorite groups are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, BTS, Astro, and I could literally go on forever...
~My ultimate bias is Cha Hakyeon/N from VIXX.
~I am also Mod support for Astro, VIXX, BAP, Pentagon, Monsta X, SF9, Up10tion, and Day6!

How Did I Get Into Victon?:

I try hard to check out every group's debut song/MV and I stumbled upon Victon's one day and yeah...I fell for them hard!

How Did Seungsik Become My Victon Bias?:

Well at first I was overwhelmed with all the boys because literally all of them are perfect! However as soon as my eyes landed on Seungsik I knew he had made a weak spot in my heart. Next thing I knew he was my bias and I've got twenty photos of him on my phone...which has since skyrocketed to a higher amount of photos...


Please support and love these dorks!!

If you haven't already joined the Victon Community you should!
You can do so by clicking -->Here<--

Victon Mod Squad:

If you would like to be tagged in future Victon cards please comment and let us know! You can comment on this card or the Moderator's Intro card here!
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Tag me for them please!!😬😬
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Welcome! ☺️