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Ahhhh its that time of the year again when you can absolutely trust no one and I mean NO ONE and boi was I right...
Just a couple of hours into fools day (atleast in Korea) VIXX officially became BIGS Corporation that runs a chain of BIPS restaurant (there is a famous chain restaurant in Korea called VIPS)...
Hakyeon became the deputy head of BIPS and the first thing he did as dp was give starlights a 90% discount ^^ He then went on to introduce the menu to us which was the exact same one they had made a few years ago when they'd made special treats for starlights
Then we had Hongbin who is the deputy chief section in charge of running a chain of Chinese restaurant as a side business
Taekwoon was apparently the in charge of the coffee machine which he wasn't quite happy about
And then we had Wonshik hit us with puns as Chief Kim....he explained that tableware is also the best because it is Kim Won Shik (Shik gi in Korean means tableware Shik = Won Shik)
Hyukkie also joined in on the fun as the director of BIPS
Finally we had Jaehwan who was in charge of cooking KENtucky fried chicken *facepalms*
I don't know about you guys but....Stan BIPS stan talent...

[BONUS] *May not be appropriate for everyone so.....yeah you been warned*
Is this why they named it as BIGS???? possibilities possibilities....
they are joking around with how they were always confused with a chain in korea because they sounds like 'vips'(?) a chain there.
I love them so much!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚