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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Simon

What to do when you fall for someone that is already with another. They're even planning to marry their partner. Yet the moment you two meet its like fate screaming, but none of you listen to it until D - Day forces you both to play your hands.

~(Dava POV)~

Simon was moved to a private room, as we all had moved to a hotel closer to the hospital. I was sharing a room with Hoodie, but honestly I couldn't bring myself to stay still. All I keep thinking about was Kami being with Simon. Or that Kami was off somewhere in the hospital fucking a doctor, while Simon was sleeping in a hospital to recover. Oh man did the idea of her being any where near him, frustrated me.

I was pacing in the hallway and messing with my phone, when a set of hands stop me in my tracks. I looked up, to see who was holding my shoulders. It was Min Taek (Elo), which honestly surprised me a bit. "Dava -ah, you are making me dizzy." I just blinked as he smiled and patted my head.

"If I give you news on Simon. Will you stop pacing the hallway and go to bed?" I shook my head no, since I knew there was no way I was going to be able to sleep. Min Taek just chuckled as he ran an hand through his hair. "Simon's here though, he's coming up right as we speak."

My heart skipped a beat, before I gripped his shirt. "Don't fuck with me Min Taek oppa! Is he really here?" Min Taek looked at me completely shocked, whilst having my hands let go of him. "Whoa, I was honestly trying to cheer you up. But by the way your face lit up, its dead obvious. You really are in love with Simon hyung."

I sighed heavily and pushed him away from me. "I'm heading out." I went out of the hotel, and found myself going towards the hospital. Jay greeted me when I got to the floor he was suppose to be on. "Um as happy as I am to see you right now, Dava. Don't think its best you be there."

He seem to be looking around making sure someone wasn't around us. "And why is that?" Jay looked at me before looking over me. "Isn't this that girl you told me was trapped in the cabin with Simon oppa?" I turn around to see Kami glam up to the max, while playing with her hair.

She looked me over, and gave me a look of disgust. "Well if it isn't obvious, you're terminated. I don't want someone that's going to get my husband killed." I saw behind her, Simon's doctor, checking for people, before adjusting his pants and jacket. I looked over Kami before looking back at Jay.

This bitch had dared to come at me, after actually fucking another man. Not just another man though, but Simon's doctors. "Yo Doc! I think we're going to need you over here." The doctor looked our way and raised an eyebrow. I glance at Kami and smirked devilishly.

"Nice try Miss Whore, but I already quit. I refuse to be any part of this mother fucking entrapment you have set up."

Jay burst out into laughter behind me as she glared at me. She step closer to be in right in my face. "I would watch yourself, because I may be a whore, but I'm the one he marrying." She smirked, as I felt my hands twitched. I was itching to beat the shit out of her, just waiting for a good tripper.

Kami tapped my head as before she softly slap me. "See all bark and no bite." I growled under my breath, as Jay pulled me backwards, and away from Kami. "Kami shut the fuck up. Remember what happen when you pissed off Adina? Dava is her best friend, and more chill. I don't think you really want to see her pissed off. Might be worse."

Kami laughed as she glared at me. "Just keep those two bitches far away from me." Adina had slapped Kami over the back of her head, as she show up with Seonghwa. "Then don't marry Simon, because I can promise you. I will make you're life a living hell."

Kami glared at Adina, as I saw a fire burning in Adina's eyes. She was waiting for Kami to bite, so she could rip her apart. "She right you know, you should just leave Simon to me. After all, if he really did love you like he says he does. Then why did he sleep with me." Everyone looked at me as I grinned.

"How else do you think we kept warm. Ohhh and man he his a fucking god, knows how to please, like a true king."

Adina was grinning ear to ear, Jay and Seonghwa looked shocked but smiled plaster on their faces. Kami came over to be, and grabbed my hair. "And you called me a whore? You fucking slut! Touch what's mine again and I swear..."

Kami slapped hard this time, across the face. "Oh hell nah!" Adina scream when I help some of my hair break off into her hand. She threw it in my face, as she smirked, because Seonghwa was holding back Adina. "Only little scared girls slap and pull hair."

Everyone looked at me, as I slugged Kami in the face. She took the hit full force, and stumble back into the wall. Which her guard still down, I back kicked her in the stomach, causing her to cough for air, as she slid down the wall. I just stood in front of her, while rubbing where she pulled my hair. I then crouched down in front of her, and lift her chin, so we made eye contact.

"You honestly aren't worth my full strength and full wrath. Trash like you will get what's coming to you. If I ever find out though that you harm Jung Kiseok, anyone in AOMG or dare to go at Adina. I give you my word, I will find you..."

I pulled out my pocket size switch blade, pop it out of its slot to place the blade at her neck. "And I will show you how much of a mother fucking pitbull from the streets I really am, Bae." I smiled at her, and lightly slap her cheek, after putting my knife away. I then got up and left for the lobby area of the hotel. My hand could feel where the hair was pulled out, as I rubbed my head.

I was going to have to talk to Simon when that Thot wasn't here fucking a person with a pickle between his legs.

I stay in the hospital waiting room lobby, and ended up getting some actual sleep. When I work up, it was due to a text message saying Kami had left the building. I smiled when I saw it was Adina. I got up and may my way up to Simon's room. Jay was sleeping on the couch, as Simon was sitting up on his bed.

He looked up at me, a bit surprised that I came to visit him. He then throw his spoon at Jay's head. "Ouch!" Jay sat up rubbing his head. "What the fuck man." He then looked over at me, and growl.

"Could of woke me a better way to tell me to get the hell out."

Jay got up with the blanket, and left the room. Simon signal for me to come closer but I didn't budge at all. "I am glad to see you are okay now. I was scared when I woke up to being that damn cold." He held out his hand for me to take, still couldn't bring myself to go over to him though.

"Are you still going to marry her?"

His hand fell down, as he sighed heavily. "Its more complicated than you think. I've been with her for so long. We talked and she said she was going to change for me." I laughed and rolled my eyes, in disbelief.

"Bullshit! Just a couple of hours ago she was fucking your doctor! Even Jay caught her too. But you know what fuck it."

I shouted at him as he seem startled by my anger. "You want to be blindly in love with a whore would will eventually come to you one day saying she having you're kid, even though you know full well you're not the father. Have fucking fun with that. I am not going to wait for a man that can't see a whore for a whore."

I storm out of the room, and went on my phone to book a seat on the next train to Busan. I wasn't going to play this damn game with Simon. He wanted to be with her, then he can stay with her.

Can't save someone that doesn't want to be saved.

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But that punch tho...
wtf Simon she tried to fuck the whole crew. You can turn a hoe into a housewife
hahah i remember that phrase!
I knew something bad was gonna happen just by looking at the title 😁😁
yay the title worked!
Yay! for her! Simon is being stupid 😝
Well then....... and then she should have........... and how dare she even........ like who the....... is this..... oh and if course this........... wants to still........... he can. .......... okay I'm done ranting now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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