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Sorry sorry its taken me a while to update on Jiminie. This week been crazy cray cray lol (Concert) so was not really writing, but I do have an interesting chapter for you at last. Not so much smut but dramaaaa lol . . . I think . . . lol
Chapter 4

“I have a couple showcases this week I have to do. I'm not going to be around for a couple days” Jimin said as he got dressed and ready for the day.
The day before he had come by at lunch than left and came back late at night for another round. He ended up spending the night and now was telling me he was going to be gone for several days.
“Hmm what will I do to occupy my time” I chuckled as I stretched. Jimin shot me a glare.
“Joking. My golly your cranky in the morning” I noted.
“Don't joke about that. I don't want a whiny girlfriend” Jimin said roughly.
“Hmm. Good thing that's not me” I said getting out of bed.
“Gracie” Jimin shouted for me as I headed out of the room. I went to the bathroom and came out to see him already dressed and waiting by the bathroom door. He slipped in and I went to get dressed. When he came back he hugged me from behind.
“I'll see you at the end of the week” Jimin said.
“Yea, yea, you'll be back for movie night?” I asked.
“No I have a concert on air that night. You'll watch on TV won't you?” He asked.
“If I'm home sure” I nodded.
“Good. Than I'm heading out” he said. Before I turned to him I felt him slap my ass before he scampered off.
“Yah! Don't slap my butt!” I called after him. I could hear him laughing before he shut the door and was gone.
“See what that will get him” I grumbled to myself.
I was looking around my room trying to find a pair of decent jeans to wear, but I kept picking up Jimin’s pants.
“Since when does he have so much clothing here” I grumbled as I finally found a pair of my own.
The week went by slowly. Jimin would constantly message me short texts all in a row just to tell me one sentence. It would make me laugh for a minute the respond not to do it again, which of course he would. By the end of the week I was anxious to see him, we hadn't gone this long without each other in a while. I didn't like it.

My movie night was replaced with my lonesome self watching bts perform on TV. Every time I saw Jimin dance perform was awe inspiring.

When their performance was done I gawked. Not at the TV, but at myself as realization struck me. I threw the remote away from me and slapped my cheek.

“Grace what the hell!” I yelled at myself. “Best friend, Jimin is my best friend. Don't delude yourself. Stop it!” I lectured myself. When did I start feeling jealous of how much girls paid attention to him. That wasn't me! Literally, I wasn't his girlfriend and wouldn't be.
My phone beeped and than to my utter dismay I still grabbed my phone eager to see if it was Jimin. I groaned at myself.

Thankfully it wasn't Jimin, it was Tad. He was calling me.
Shocked I picked up and answered the phone.
“Hello” I said.
“Gracie!” Tad sounded excited. “Guess what?”
“You sound happy” I grumbled. “What good news do you spread?” I said leaning back into the couch.
“I got a raise. We finished our project and the director gave us our monthly raise early” he sounded so happy about that.
“Good for you” I said sounding happy for him
“I was hoping you would celebrate with me” he said.

Chance! I could get my mind of Jimin for the night!

“Sure” I agreed.
“Yes, I'll pick you up in 15 minutes” he said.
“Okay, I'll get ready now” I said. I gave him my address and hung up.
I spent the night drinking and celebrating with Tad. Steering myself away from thinking of Jimin I left my phone at home, making sure I wouldn't be constantly looking at it.
At the end Tad took me back home, walked me to the door since I drank so much I couldn't walk a straight line, let alone see straight.

“I think next time I'll cut you off at 4 drinks. I didn't know you were such a lightweight” Tad grumbled as we made it up the flight of stairs.
“Hmm I lost count how much I drank” I giggled feeling happy. I couldn't think straight let alone about any one thing, or one person in particular. I was happy with the outcome.

“Who are you?” An angry voice said making Tad stop walking, me plastered to his side stopped to and leaned into him. Instantly I was grabbed away from Tad and pulled away.
“Hey” Tad sounded surprised.
“Yah! Let go of me!” I yelled.
“Not a chance in hell” Jimin growled. “You stink of booze” he noted.
“Do you know each other?” Tad was looking confused.
“Do I know you?” Jimin asked.
He sounded so pissed, I giggled.
“Awe my bad boy” I teasee. “My naughty naughty boy. You left me” I giggled, stopped and all of a sudden was crying.
Jimin was shocked, staring at me as if I grew an extra head.
“Gracie” Tad made an effort to pull me to him but Jimin pulled me up off the ground since I crumbled there a moment ago. I was leaning into his chest arms wrapped around me.
“Uhm Gracie, who is this?” Tad asked once more.
“Go find someone else. She's mine” Jimin said to him.
With that he turned and opened the door to my apartment and pulled me inside with him leaving Tad at my doorstep.
“What the hell is the matter with you” Jimin was still angry and now directing it all at me. “Stop crying, you don't cry’ he shouted. “I'm drunk and emotional leave me alone” I shouted back at him.
“Suck it up Grace” he shouted back.
“No, I'm allowed to have emotions! you can't tell me not to feel” I shouted at him. Jimin looked confused.
“What the hell kind of emotions am I stopping you from having?” He questioned taken aback.
“I . . I don't know but you can't stop me from feeling them” I shouted not even sure.
I wasn't going to tell him I was sad, heart ache was setting in really badly. Even as we fought I wanted to crawl in his lap, curl up and fall asleep in his arms.

“I'm not stopping you from feeling anything” he said not shouting anymore, there was a dark look across his face now though. “Unless they are for that guy” he said. My eyes widened.
“What for Tad? He's a friend” I was confused.
“Good. Keep him there” Jimin said.
My tears had dried up and I sniffled a little as he sighed and sat in the couch next to me.
“What the hell am I going to do with you Gracie” Jimin said as he pulled me against his side. Taking a cue my body instantly shifted so I was leaning against him, my arms going around his neck.
“I missed you” I mumbled against his neck. I knew he heard me since he stiffened but after a moment relaxed.
“I'm not going anywhere Grace, you know that” he was petting my hair as he spoke.

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