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Hey guys!! I'm back with another card. This one was spontaneously made off of my feelings, and I appologize in advance if something I say offends or hurts anyone in anyway. I am just stating my opinions because I feel that this matter, although acknowledged, should still be talked about everyonce in a while.

This video could be taken several different ways, however I interpeted this in a way that was negative. I will make it clear that I am just stating my opinion, and that you guys should feel free to form you own opinions on this matter.

Here is a video I just so happened to run across on YouTube, and I found myself getting angry and tearing up because I was just so upset with the content of the video. This video will contain clips of fans acting out in ways unimaginable, to me, towards their idol.
I am appalled that these fans would even find some of these actions appropriate or reasonable to carry out. There are several clips of fans going bat crazy and in the end require security to help protect these idols, who at the end of the day are just as human as you and me.

When DEAN was trying to accept his award and say a few words fans from another fandom couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that their idol group, or idol, isn't the only skilled artist in the music industry. I personally paused the video and had to vent my anger verbally. I was so upset that these fans thought this behavior acceptable. They are disrespecting artists who work just as hard as everyone else to earn a living. It was especially frustrating when the youtuber captioned that an angry fan yelled die as he was giving a speech. That is going waay too far!

Or how about the crazy fans who just so happen to grab onto their idol and yank them back to keep the idol rooted to the spot? Have these fans heard of personal space? It did warm my heart to see fellow members in a group try to help/protect the member from a potential fan threat.

I especially teared up when I saw the caption the youtuber put on the video saying that a fan slapped Suho and Baekhyun got angry. I can't even imagen being able to stand in an idol's presence and dare to high five them, yet there are people in the world who feel it's okay to do anything to touch their idol or get their idol's attention.

I appologize for just blatantly stating my opinons, and possibly offending anyone... but I am just pointing out the crazyness of the world that we sometimes forget exists because a lot of humans are not exposed to it daily. I may have made assumptions in this card, so if I have assumed wrong please let me know the true facts so I can correct the card, and my train of thought.

Please let me know what you think in the comments!!!


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I know how you feel! Like these "fans" are not really fans like of you were really fans you would respect their privacy and their life. Like yes they are famous but like they are normal people like us. They have feelings too.
the death threats I don't even get I feel like you have to be a special kind of dumb to do this. to slap an idol unwarranted is absolutely upsetting. people need to calm down