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Lee Ki Wang

Just realized I been following the Highlight members on IG forever. Just also realized I don't know any of their names but I've been looking this ones pics since forever .. He's adorable. Sabrina you gotta stop just following people on IG at random..
so i instanly falling when i first saw him on IG forever ago had no idea who he was until yesterday been following him on IG for so long ive always liked all his pictures still not knowing who he was until i saw somebody post a picture of him in a facebook group im in.
Finally i found a bias in my age group he was born a few months before me . thats a plus fit me most of my bias are younger than me or way older
Isn't he too adorable for words.
i like seriously wanna just hug him forever hes such a cutie.
Right!!?? Ugh.. why can't he be mine😫😫
My baby!!! I love him so much!!😭😭☺️☺️ I've followed people without knowing who they were.... it's okay..
He's so adorably cute 😛
I love this cute little Kiki spam. The timing is perfect since it was his birthday yesterday.
not enough adorableness in one photo. theres so much!!!