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I woke up with the worse headache and feeling of my brain exploding...well, not literally but you get what I mean right. The constant hammering at the back of my skull was another thing.
Holy hell! what happen last night?.
I tried opening my eyes with much difficulity but realized that visual stimulation was too much to bear. So I closed my eyes and tried organizing my thoughts which was a complete failure b'coz I couldn't remember a thing and that scared the shit out of me.

Ok, first thing first, Nat you need to find out where you are. I opened my eyes again, this time determine to figure out where I was at least. The familiar clock on the bed side table came to my vision and I let out a sigh of relief. In bed, at home, that's good...that's good. For a good sec I feared, I was in some shaddy unknown place.

Wait! how did I get home last night?? The last thing I remember was meeting up Rica for a drink and then Jackson joined us in between but that was about it. I shuddered and just hope that I didn't make a fool of myself last night. But then, I had a strong feeling that I went ahead and just did that.

Brushing aside that thought, I slowly sat up and grab a bottle of water. My head was still spinning and I knew it wasn't going to go away anytime soon. I look down and found myself wearing one of my oversize tees which I had no idea how. Ok, do not panic, Rica must have dropped my drunk-ass home and helped me change before tucking me in, I told myself. I searched for my phone to informed my PA that I won't be coming in today but it was no where to be found. Closing my eyes, I leaned back on the wall and tried to remember where I might have kept it. That's when I heard a voice,

"So you're finally awake!"

Wait! that voice, that voice sounds very familiar.
Nope…No, it can't be. Nahhh...I'm definitely still drunk. Nat! you need to sleep it off STAT, I mentally kick myself.
I opened my eyes to see the person walking towards me and sitting down on the bed facing me. (Great! Nat, now you're losing it) I couldn't resist reaching out and touching him despite knowing the fact that I was imagining it. What I didn't expect was the solid feel of his face.

"What the....!!" I jumped back in shock.
OK OK I am definitely not drunk nor imagining it...

"What are you doing here??" I screamed in shock which I realized was a big mistake because my headache took a dive and I cringed in pain.

"Are you ok?"
Mark asked concerned as he stood up and came closer to help me lie down.
I just stared at him and said nothing. The last thing I expected to see was Mark!, in my house, in my bedroom and definitely not in my half drunk ass state of awesomeness. So yeah, my vocal ability is not in its best form at the moment.

He looked like he just woke-up himself. Soft untamed hair peeking from his hood. Wait! Did he sleep here last night? Why is he here? Why is he looking dreamy just standing there? What! Ok missy drunk-ass, you need to get a grip of yourself, I mentally slap myself.

I shooked my head again and continue staring at him speechless.

"Liking what you see eh?" Mark said smirking when he notice I was still staring at him. "Psst! still a cocky pretty boy huh" I muttered rolling my eyes. Mark laughed seeing my expression.

"Quite a way to say hello after all this time huh, Nat!" Mark said.
"I didn't know I would be doing the honor of dropping you home last night" he continued.

"WHAT!" I blurted out
"You dropped me home?
Not Rica?"
To which he calmly replied that he did as Jackson had called him around midnight asking him to come over and take me home as he had to drop Rica back.

"So you mean you're the one who got me home last night and you're also the one who change me into this" I asked horrified as I looked down at I was wearing.

"Yeah that too" Mark replied, a small smile playing on his lips.

I gasped before pulling the cover over my head, hoping this was all just a nightmare and it will go away....

To be continued...


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