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Jay POV Album is done! I'm Back in Seattle to hangout and for little mans birthday. Oh I have an announcement to make, but I wanna tell Gia first before anyone else knows.Well Cha Cha knows. I had to talk to someone first about it. I might do it during Sunday dinner.Seems like the best time to do it.Yo I'm super nervous and excited. Anyways I'm headed down to the courts to play some one on one with Cha Cha.I walked over seeing him deep in thought shooting hoops. "Yo Cha Cha." "What's up man." "You look deep in thought." "It's nothing.Some drama,but let's not talk about it."He said passing me the ball. "You sure." "Yeah." "Ok.What did you buy Gio for his birthday?"I asked checking him the ball. "Ninja turtle everything."He said checking the ball back. "Same.He is a fanatic with those turtles." "Remind you of someone." "Who?" "Gia.That girl was always about the orange one.Whats his name?" "Michaelangelo.Every time we came over she had the show on." "She Did!" "Memories man." "Yeah.Now she all grown up and the mother of your child." "Never thought that would happen." "I don't think anyone did.Date yeah maybe but a kid nope." "Does she know?" "Nope.Thats all you to tell her." "Hella nervous." "Don't be.Now let's finish this game and get something to eat." "I'm down."
~Next Day~ Music is playing and Gio was running around with his friends.I was looking around for Gia to talk to her,but Chase was always around.It's like he doesn't want anyone around her.Whatever I can try later. I decided to jump in the pool and chill.Its hot af! "Gia.Where's the basketball hoop for the pool?"Angel asked. Angel is Gia's younger cousin on her mom side.He pretty dope. "I think they're in the garage." "Alright."Angel got out the pool heading towards the garage. "Captains?"Romeo asked. "Jay and Romeo."ChaCha said. "Sounds good." Romeo and I did Rock Paper Scissors to find out who picked first. Yours truly won. "I pick ChaCha." "I got little cuz Angel." "Really Jay.Forget all about your brother." We just laughed and Romeo decided to pick him. "Gia." "Huh?"She said hearing her name. "Play with us. We need more people." "Fine." "I got Lonnie." "Chase."I said. Fuxk! I'm stuck with him. "Daddy I wanna play." "Next game Buddy. Here start a game with your friends."I said handing him the pool toys. "Who's team am I on?"Angel asked coming with the hoops. "Mine."Romeo said. Gia took off her dress and I noticed a dark bruise near her ribs.What does this girl do to get her ribs bruised.
"Ameri.Can you throw the ball?"Romeo asked. "Sure."She said getting the ball and standing at the edge of the pool. Cha Cha and Romeo stood in the middle getting ready to jump for the ball.Amerie counted down and tossed the ball in the air and we all went crazy going for it once the ball was tipped. "Someone stay on Gia."Romeo said directing his team. "Quick!"Gia yelled and I passed the ball to her and she shot scoring the first points to start the game. I went over giving her a high five and Angel came out of no where scoring on us. "Damn."I said getting the ball. I passed it to Cha Cha which he then passed to Chase and he decided to play a one man team and shoot without paying attention to us. He lucky he made that too. I was about to yell at him. "Chase got game."Rico said giving him a high five.
"Cake and present time." Gia's Dad said coming out with the cake while Keyshia and Mom brought out the gifts setting them on the table. Everyone got out of the pool drying off and heading towards the table.Gia and the ladies helped out Gio's friends get their cake and sitting them at one of the tables. "Here.This one is from Halmeonie and Halaboegi."Gia said handing him the gift my parents brought. He began taking the tissue paper out of the bag and pulling out ninja turtle figures. It seems all he got was ninja turtles and some clothes. Gio was onto his 5th present and then the rain began to pour. We quickly grabbed everything running into the house. Damn the rain just came out of nowhere. We finished opening the presents at the dining room table and spent the rest of the day playing games till all his friends went home. I tried again to talk to Gia but Chase got in the way again.They began walking upstairs and something just didn't seem right. Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋 @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @xroyalreisx @LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯 @BBxGD @royalpandajedi @PrettieeEmm @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 @MaelstromVIP @SashaKmseoul @FromBlue2U @Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @AaliyahNewbell @AlenaSegura @Airess95 @Caky @EvilGenius @IsoldaPazo @JohnEvans @SimplyAwkward @Tabili @VeronicaArtino Tag List! @EliseB @LizaNightshade @BrianaSmalls @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @shellyfuentes70 @megancurrent9 @Sailynn @BekiKunstman @Annaharris1989 @AraceliJimenez @catchyacrayon @PassTheSuga @JamiMilsap @MissT615 @LinnyOk @resavalencia @3SecondsOfHope @petname83 @VatcheeAfandi99 @RebeccaLondon @twistedlove @amobigbang @lovetop @Ambie @LysetteMartinez @sarahdarwish @MelissaGarza @SatinSkies @MzDawson31508 @luna1171 @lilbr0wneyes @jessicaacosta90 @katyng52 @exolover101 @yaya12 @BreeMassey @Starbell808 @FromBlue2U @TiffanyDixon @chenisbaekasy @tiffany1922
DayDay! how you bern? This was a good set up, but mami you killing me! when is Jay gonna throw Chase out a window cause I'm on my SpongeBob waiting for it. #ImReady lmaooooo @@
I've been good/busy:) I had to lol trust me that ain't the only drama about to happen:) Girl grab a seat and get your popcorn and drinks ready!
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