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"What about this one?" Mark asked, while practically pushing the newspaper into your hands. You knew you shouldn't have mentioned anything to him about wanting to find a new job. Ever since you mentioned it to him, Mark had been collecting every newspaper in sight. You loved your boyfriend and all.. But you didn't want just any job that was hiring.
"No I think I'm going to apply here." You said pointing to the computer screen on the desk in front of you. You had the web page open to one of the clothing stores you use to shop at on a regular basis.
"What kind of store is this?" Mark asked.
"It’s a clothing store you pabo," You explained, "Over half my clothes in the closet are from this store."
You scrolled down the webpage slowly looking at the ads for all the new clothes they had just got in.
"Oh," Mark stopped you from scrolling and pointed at the screen. "We need that." He said with a smile on his face. You looked at the screen and let out a small laugh.
"Mark, those are baby clothes. We don't have a baby, nor am I pregnant." You said looking up at him.
The cute smile he once had… had done a complete 180 turn. He now looked at you with a smirk on his face. He leaned down closer, looked you in the eyes and said "Not yet anyways…" in that deep sexy voice you fell for.


They were running up and down your back. You gently pushed Mark back and turned back to your computer trying to regain focus. "Stop, I have to focus." You told Mark, not daring to look back at him. You heard him scoot his chair beside you… You felt his eyes on you. FOCUS. You thought to yourself. You scrolled down the website and found the link to apply for the job. Everything was going good, you were almost done with the application when you heard Mark quickly stand up and knock his chair over.
"I can't do this anymore!" Mark said. You looked up at him with a confused look on your face. "Wha-" Before you could even finish your sentence Mark lifts you from your chair. Carrying you bridal style he makes his way for the stairs leading up to your bedroom. You squirm in his grip
"Mark, what are you doing?" You ask.

"Prepping you to buy baby clothes..." ;)

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