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Hello everyone! I'm excited to say that I am on the mod support for Monsta X this go around and will be posting for I.M on Saturdays! I am also apart of the SF9, Pentagon, Block B, and Up10tion mod supports this time and I am super super excited! So hello! I'm Anna and Monsta X are my favorite kpop group and favorite music group in general. I'm 20 years old and a Sophomore in college ☺ I have been listening to kpop for almost a year now and glad to say that I'm still quite into the genre of music! Just to add a random fact, my favorite girl group is Dreamcatcher and I have high hopes of being able to try and start a community on here for them in the future!
So my friend who introduced me to K-Pop showed me a vine of this dorky group making, at the time, what I thought were a bunch of random noises, but now know that it is from their song hero. So my introduction to Monsta X was a part from the video I am going to post down below. Somehow they managed to take over my life from then on 😂
Some reasons why I love Monsta X would be because I love each one of these boys for different their different personalities. They are my boys. They are literally my go to group when I am upset. Minhyuk literally manages to make me smile whenever I see him. He is a ray of Sunshine and I love him. Before I fangirl too hard, I'm only going to talk about my bias wrecker and my bias 😂 I.M just so happens to be my ultimate bias as well, so I kind of almost always have Monsta X on the brain. I love almost all of their songs on each cd and absolutely can't go a day without listening to them. Idk what else to say right now, but I just adore and love Monsta X so much! ☆ Champion Mod Squad: ☆ @yehetmyohorat97 - MOD @ChaErica @awkwardjazzy @Changkyunie @IsoldaPazo @MonbebeArmyBBC @cns1391 ♡ Beautiful Monbebe Taglist: ♡ @MaeLyn @xoxorittie @Helixx @Starbell808 @KenyaMendoza @KaiLuhan4Ever @QueenPandaBunny