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Hey everyone!!

Welcome to the first Seungsik Saturday! Today we also have the cutie Byungchan joining us!

For the first post day let me introduce to you both Seungsik and Byungchan!!

About Seungsik:

Name: Kang Seung Sik
Stage Name: Seungsik
Age: 21 (International age not Korean), He'll be turning 22 soon!
Birthdate: April 16th, 1995
Height: 5'11"/180 CM
Fun Facts:
~He is the mom of the group! The members even call him mom!
~He hates cucumbers.
~He's a vocalist.
~He's the second oldest member in the group.
~His role model is Yoseob of Highlight.

About Byungchan:

Name: Choi Byung Chan
Stage Name: Byungchan
Age: 19 (International age not Korean)
Birthdate: November 16th, 1997
Height: 6'1"/185 CM
Fun Facts:
~He is the tallest in the group.
~He has dimples!
~He's a vocalist.
~His nickname is Giraffe.
~His role model is BigBang.

Please support and love these dorks!!

Alice's In Wonderland:

Mad Hatters:

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Oh my goodness, I wanna see him interact with Lee Kwangsoo!!! Both of the giraffes together!!!
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They're both really tall, I'd like to see who's taller!
These two are so precious!
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