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Hello! I am so glad to be on the 24k mod support team! I wanna thank @Kitkatkpop for letting me part of the team! So excited for the 2nd quarter!
So about me!
-My name is Jenny
- I don't have a bias in 24k yet lol
-I love horror stories lol
-I love food lol
-I am Mexican-American
-My favorite color is purple
-I am also mod support for Boys Republic, SF9, GOT7, and Topp Dogg.

For a second quarter, I will be supporting Kisu
I will post a lot great things about Kisu so be ready lol
24k community moderators:@kitkatkpop @xoxorittie @jjrockstar @awkwardjazzy

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you are welcome! Let's have a great quarter together!
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congrats for joining 24k mod support! I'm looking forward to seeing your cards 😊
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Thank you!
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