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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1576 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me? Part 1
Y/N’s Pov: You and Ken have been inseparable since been grade school. Every Saturday you and him would wake up early and head out for coffee. He became your big brother after he stood up for you in grade school. He was kind of your bully at first but he soon fell out of that after he saw you getting bullied by someone else. Who you're actually close with now.

Grade school

“Come on Chen just leave me alone!” You said trying to jump and reach for your baby blanket. You brought it to school to help with anxiety, you thought your regular bully Jaehwan would be the one to tease you for it so every time you saw him you stuffed it in your totoro backpack. Jaehwan would always tease you and bully you for being half Korean and reading English books. He would call you nerd and geek due to your education. To your surprise it was Chen the kid in your nap hour that picked on you for it. “What the little nerd wants her baby blankey?” He said pushing you back by your head. He had had a growth spurt early and as for you, well you weren't sure if you were even growing. “Please Chen! Can't I just be treated like you guys?” You asked trying to move his hand from your face. “No way!” He pushed you to the ground. “Get lost nerd or I'll rip this in half-” “Hey!” Chen stopped and looked over where he saw Jaehwan standing. Looking really mad. “Jaehwan? Come on help my cut this!” He said holding up your blanket. “No! Please you can't do that!” You screamed standing up. “Ha as if.” He pushed you back down. “It'll be easy-” “She's right.” Jaehwan said walking closer making Chen cock his head. “What? What do you mean she's right? She's your nerd remember!” “Exactly!” He snatched your blanket from his hands. “She's MY NERD! So back off!” Chen looked at you and then ran off. “Come on” he took your hand and helped you up. “Take this and if anyone bugs you about it, tell them to come bug your big brother Jae-” “Ken…” you said quietly taking your blanket. “What?” He said helping you up. “I'm gonna call you ken, if you call me nerd I get to call you ken!” You said hugging the blanket, as he smiled. “Fine, tell them come talk to your big brother ken, now let's go to recess.”

Back to present time.

That was years ago. We've all grown since then. I say grown, but in reality Chen stopped growing in middle school and I stopped with him. He's 5’ 8” and well I stopped at 5’6”. Ken is 5’ 11” so I guess he just never stopped growing. Chen and Ken ended up getting into a really good college after high school and pursued their careers in music, but parted ways when Chen signed up with SM Entertainment. Ken ended signing with Jellyfish Entertainment and both joining a group. Since they first debuted Ken’s been wanting to intrude you to his group but you were to scared. When Chen introduced you to his group you ended up falling on top of their lead dancer Kia in front of his girlfriend. It was so embarrassing, if you were famous that would’ve definitely turn into a scandal. Even when you're not famous it was still scary. Chen said it was fine and everyone thought it was funny, but ,well you died inside. “I promise I won't let that happen” Ken said while opening the door to the coffee shop. “We could just go out to eat and you could get to know them that way.” “I don't know Ken, what if I say something stupid, and they think I'm annoying?” You asked walking up to order. “If they did then they all must secretly hate each other, two espressos please, mocca.” He said turning to lady at the front. “They’re really cool guys y/n, if they weren't I wouldn't live with them, thank you.” He said paying the lady and taking the cups. “I'm not good at talking to people and you know that!” You said sitting down at a both. “What do you mean? You talk loads, when do you ever shut up?” He said then taking a drink of his coffee. “Yeah when it's just you or Chen alone I can be myself, but in front of someone else I'd probably have a heart attack.” You said tracing the rim of your cup. “Ok one, you're too young and healthy to have a heart attack. Two, Chen’s group has like what nine members now, Vixx is only a group of six, way easier to handle.” You rolled your eyes. “Six people is still a lot of people, how will I even be able to talk to them all at once?” He looked at you annoyed. “Y/n please, I'll be there with you and if you get scared I'll let you leave to get some air. I already told them about your anxiety and they understand that.” He looked at you and sighed. “I want them to meet my little sister since grade school y/n. They’re important to me and so are you.” He said looking down then his head shot up when you sighed. “Fine.” You said hesitant. “Really?” You nodded “Oh my god y/n your the best, I promise you won't regret this.” He hugged you tightly making you giggle. “I'll pick you up at your place tonight to meet them, ok?” Your eyes widened. “Wut…..?” You said as he stood up. “Yup wear something nice we're gonna have dinner, see you tonight nerd!” With that he left leaving you sat there. “Wut….?” You scoffed. You should've known he'd want you to meet them soon. Ugh this isn't going to be good. The walk home was just you listening to music and thinking about how'd tonight would go. He did say that you'd be going out to dinner. So there's no way you could fall on anyone. You should definitely pee before you leave so you don't have to get up during it. When you got home it started to snow. The snow was beautiful, and keeping you from exposing your skin. You still wanted to look nice so you decided to pick out a light brown sweater dress with black leggings and boots, and your brownish maroon knitted scarf.
Ok outfit picked out now quick shower. You got in and out. Blow dried your hair then curled it lightly. You did light makeup and looked great. Come to think of it the last time you dressed up was when you met Chen’s group, oh boy! No y/n no thinking about your fuck up. When you looked at your phone there was a message from Ken.
You had an hour to yourself so you decided listen to music till Ken arrived. Time went by rather quickly, probably because you had your favorite playlist going. Ken knocked at the door so you grabbed your black coat and purse and opened the door. “Woah, you do look decent.” He said looking you up and down. “Ok come on let's go they already got a table” you nodded and locked the door behind you. The car ride was short and informational. He gave the basics of each guy to prepare me. Probably seeing I was really nervous. Ken lead you to the and they stood up all of them were very tall, well taller than you at least. “Guys, this is Y/n!” He said putting a hand behind you and slowly pushing you forward. “Y/n these are the guys.” They made their way towards you and you froze, DON’T YOU FUCKING FALL Y/N! “Hi y/n I'm Han Sanghyuk, but you can call me Hyuk.” He was very tall, around 6 feet, from what Ken told me he's the youngest. “I’m Hongbin it's very nice to meet you.” I know I've seen him before then I remembered when I was watching Glorious Day with Ken. He said he one of his guys were in it. And Hongbin must has to be Yoo Ji-ho. “Nice to meet you too.” You said smiling. “And I'm Kim Wonsik but I go by Ravi.” He had platinum hair it really brought out his eyes. “Hi Ravi” you said shaking his hand. “Hi I'm Cha Hakyeon, but please call me N it's a lot easier” he laughed a little making you giggle. “Oh and that's Jung Taekwoon” you turned and looked over at the guy they were pointing at. He was tall like the others but with pitch black hair. “You can call me Leo though, it's cool to finally meet you” he seemed to be quiet, but who are you to judge, you were having a panic attack in your own head. The night went by relatively fast. They were so nice and friendly. You got to know them a little and told them a bit about yourself. When you laughed you felt really self-conscious. That was towards the end of the night so after you got a Uber home. When you got home you got changed and started a new drama. While watching Ken messaged you.
Shout out to @BTSxEXO for the story plot I hope you enjoy it.
omg! I can't wait for more!! 😁😁 I know this story will be good👍😁