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Who: Reader x Park Chanyeol What: Romance/ College AU/ Fluffy Story: The ever so sunshiny Park Chanyeol becomes infatuated with you after seeing your performance on the ice but your busy schedule has you always running out on him. This boy won't stop until he has your complete attention on him so he can confess... Y/n's POV Today Chanyeol was to come for practice but he was late. You couldn't wait for him so you just started on your regular exercises. Yesterday he was trying to get your attention but you kind of hurried off. You hoped you didn't hurt his feelings. You were already late for practice with your mother that day and you were hurrying off campus when he stopped you. "Y/n can I talk to you?" He asked. "I'm sorry Chanyeol I really need to go." You said. He chuckled at you when you scurried away but he chased after you. His long legs carried him to you quickly and he sped walked by you as you headed to your car. Honestly his smile was really gentle and so cute. He really looked harmless. "Okay you can hurry I just want to ask you something." He said. "What is it Chanyeol." You chuckled still moving quickly. "Me and the guys are going to the mall Saturday come with us please." He asked. You were at the car and looked up at him. "I can't I have practice and studies Saturday." "Well I can-" "Chanyeol I'm really sorry I don't mean to cut you off but my mom is a real hard ass and I'm already late I have to go." You said. He gave you a puppy dog pout but then a small smile formed on his lips and he stepped back so you could get in the car and drive off. Even as you drove off, you thought how you talked to him may have been too harsh. You planned on apologizing him this morning but he didn't show up. You wondered if you really hurt him. You felt bad and you kind of missed his presence on these days. You were hard at work moving quick to the music that you had selected, Monsta X's Stuck. It was a tough song to move to and get the beats on point but you were getting it down. You had to practice the first half like ten times before you even got the timing down. You were on the second half and not even to the raps yet, that was your biggest challenge but if you could create a routine fast, stable and visually impressive enough while staying on beat your routine would be raved about even if you didn't win. You moved fast and basically flew on the ice. You jumped when the chorus started and landed to glide back but you did three little spin jumps to continue. You felt like a princess spinning on the ice as fast as you could, lifting your leg in front of you and then lowering in the spin and rising again. You did quick crossovers moving your arms as you danced and swirled around quickly. You slipped a few times hitting the ice hard and hurting your elbow or arm. You kept getting up, getting frustrated at yourself for missing steps or messing up. You had fun with the song but you weren't getting lost in it like with Suga's. You stopped the music and sighed. "Alright let's try this instead." You said. You were panting and sweating. You changed the song on your iPod to The Last from Agustd. The way his voice made you rise, the breaths in the beginning made your heart race. You moved to his voice bringing power and precision back in your arms. You didn't know what it was specifically about Min Yoongi's voice but he gave you the ability to just go. He gave you inspiration and power. You moved quick going up on your toes, quad jumps, axels, double axels. Your arms moved and you told a story, a story far too deep for you to ever tell with words. By the time the song came to an end you dropped to your knees in tears and panting from the energy you exerted. "Y/n-ah!" Your head snapped up at the sound and you saw Chanyeol standing at the top of the stadium. He hurried down the isle as you stood up and you hurried to wipe away tears. You skated over to the entrance and got off to meet him by the door. You gave him a smile, he was jogging up to you and he cupped your face in both his hands shocking you and making you blush. Your eyes widened but he acted as if nothing was wrong while he looked you over. He looked at your arms and your legs and brushed the ice off your knees. "Chanyeol?" You asked confused. He sighed and looked up at you. He chuckled nervously and started to play in his hair. "Sorry when you dropped I thought you hurt yourself or something I got worried." He said. You felt your face get hotter. "You don't have to worry so much about me Chanyeol I'm fine. I just used a lot of energy for this one." You said. "Hm? But you were crying. When a girl cries like that, I assume they're hurt." "A girl can cry happily Park Chanyeol." You chuckled. "Hm. So then tell me what you were so happy about?" He smiled. You stared at him before looking away kind of feeling a pain in your heart. Chanyeol knelt down to be face to face with you. He grabbed your chin and had you face him. "Hm not happy? You were upset." He said. You looked at him with a blank face. He straightened up letting go of your face while giving you a bright smile. He chuckled, "Whoa scary face. Okay I'll leave it alone. We can talk about it when you're ready. Uh- hey maybe you should get on the ice soon though I saw your mom and that other guy outside. Yeonggyo might be right behind them." He said. You gave a light chuckle, "Now you're cautious of them." He smiled but nodded. "Sorry I can't teach you today you showed up late." You said. "Oh no I was here on time but I didn't want to bother you today. I actually wanted to talk to you about Saturday that's why I gave you time to yourself so you could completely focus on your routine. I'll go get some coffee and meet you outside after practice okay?" He said. It wasn't necessarily a question because he began to wave goodbye to you as he walked for the exit. "Yah! Chanyeol don't just decide plans for others!" You called back. "Bye bye Y/n!" He chuckled. You laughed as he left but headed back on the ice. You really did enjoy his company he was always so happy. You wanted happiness like that. You missed the days where you parents were at peace but those days seemed few and nearly nonexistent. You went back to the Monsta X's song knowing that your mother would want to see what you accomplished while she was talking up Yeonggyo's father. The performance for the Last would be powerful and probably the strongest performance second to Suga's First Love performance. This performance was your honest feelings, passion but sadness, loneliness and wanting to belong. That performance was the true you, if you could describe it. The real you was over shadowed by your parents vision of who you should be and therefore that performance would never be seen by anyone other than Park Chanyeol... Chanyeol's POV Chanyeol wanted to go practice with her but he had a plan. If she was to devote the ten minutes she gave him to the rest of her practice then she could concentrate more on her program. Once she got out of practice he'd ask her again to go to the mall Saturday with him and offer to help with her studying. Kyungsoo was supposed to talk to her today as well, if all went well he would be able to get her to the Sky Rose Garden to confess to her. That's when he saw her performing, he showed up anyway because he needed to be on time when she walked out of the rink otherwise she'd hurry away like she did yesterday before he could make a case about it. She was performing her ice dancing and working on her program. He asked her once why did she do kpop songs and rap songs sometimes to her programs. She said the judges and her fans always expect something dynamic from her. Doing slow songs, while good, wasn't what was expected of her. The excitement in her skating was always how powerfully she moved to the music while still keeping great form. She was right but he watched her perform to stuck and the ice skating was impressive but clearly not perfected and she seemed to be getting twice as frustrated than he'd ever seen her. He may not of been an expert but he could see she was trying too hard. This song was hard and she was exhausting a lot of energy just to perfect it. He saw why she worked so hard but she wasn't flowing and he could tell that. She was in her head too much, she was getting upset, it was like Chanyeol could tell she was thinking about her moves rather than feeling them. He knew it because the first performance he saw her do she was concentrated but it was obvious there was a story to her dance. There was beauty, there was a love in the dance. She completely felt everything she performed to the point that she was the most captivating thing he'd ever laid eyes on. It was a moment where he didn't want to blink because he was too afraid he'd miss something. She was so graceful and her performance just stole his heart away from him. She held it in the palm of her hand without even knowing she had it. Then he saw her change the song, and how she calmed down. Her entire demeanor had changed the moment she changed the song. She seemed focused but she was into it. She was building the story as she moved. Her arms, her feet, everything was building a story that had him at some point tearing up in sheer amazement. It was another Suga song. Something about him gave her more life. He watched in awe as she was spinning and going up on her toes. How she glided on the ice. She was twice as beautiful as before and he didn't know how to handle that. How could she be this amazing? By the time the song ended he saw her drop to her knees while panting. He could tell she was crying he honestly thought she was hurt. He came down to her after he got her attention and she picked herself up off the ice to go meet him at the door. She seemed confused as to why he was checking her out but when he told her he thought she got hurt she said she was fine. Her face got a little red when he took it in his hands; he was too concerned to laugh but he thought about it as he headed out of the rink. He ran into Yeonggyo again "Why are you always here? You know how to skate now if you're that interested in learning take lessons with a teacher. Y/n is moving too far into her career to be bothered by someone like you." He spit. "I don't understand why you're upset with me?" Chanyeol said. "Because Y/n could be focusing on her program for Nationals if it wasn't for you. Those ten minutes twice a week add up. You're not even paying her for the ten minutes you're here. You're using the rink's skates. You're just taking advantage of her she's worth so much more than that." "She's worth more than that I know but she won't stop long enough to live. I think I could show her that. Besides getting to watch her skate her true self is far more beautiful than I can handle but something I want to always see. I know I'm being selfish by tagging along and asking for lessons and always wanting to see that beauty but I hate to miss the moments when she's truly happy. I hate to miss the moments where she reveals her true heart. That's what I want to see more and bring out more. I think she'd be truly happy then." Chanyeol smiled to himself. "What are you on about?" Chanyeol had walked away to get to his car and get coffee as he promised, by now he knew what she liked. Coffee didn't take long to get but he kind of hung out at the Starbucks for a half hour trying to past the time while he waited for her to finish her practice. He went and picked up their coffee after the half hour passed but it took about twenty minutes to even get the coffee because of the insanely long line he had to wait in. He rushed just to get back to her because he figured she'd run off before he could talk to her. It was cute how she scolded him but he knew by now that she scurried off when she was in a rush to get back to her studies. She studied too much, she didn't have a lot of fun with people, he could understand some people not wanting to be around a lot of people but everyone needs a friend or two and some time to just relax but she spent so much time either on the ice or with her nose in a book he wasn't sure if she knew what the word fun meant. He was just walking up to the rink again when he saw her walking out. He smiled but she was looking down as she was walking away. She looked frustrated though. "Why the long face?" He said. She looked up and sighed almost looking as if she were relieved to see him. For a moment though she looked troubled, "If Yeonggyo is rude to you feel free to punch him in the nose." She said. Chanyeol was caught off guard by that but it did make him laugh. "Was he rude to me?" "Eh." "What?" "Nothing it's just- I don't know you're different and that's-" She looked away. "That's what?" He asked. "Confusing." He chuckled and handed her his coffee. "I'm simple, there's nothing confusing about that. Oh you should come to my studio sometime and listen to my stuff. There's actually a song I want you to hear." He said. "Really?" She asked. "Yeah but I want you to come to the mall with us please." "Chanyeol you know I have studies to do." "Okay well hear me out. If I help you study or maybe you study all week and I won't interfere then after your practice Saturday come with us." He said. She looked at him troubled and sighed, "I'm sorry Chanyeol I can't." She said. He gave her a puppy dog pout. She chuckled. She started to pick up speed unconsciously as she headed to her car. "Y/n please." He said. "How much do I owe you for the coffee?" She asked with a small smile. "You own me going to the mall for the coffee." "I'd rather just pay you." Chanyeol put his hand to his chest faking pain and stumbled in his step to make her laugh. "It'll be fun and you know it. You had fun at the party right you played Soul Caliber and beat most of us. Come on. Y/nnnnnnn!" She only laughed, "Chanyeol I have to go. I'll send you the money back for the coffee." "Y/n." He said a little serious. For a moment she stalled and looked at him shocked that he could be serious even for a moment. He pulled out his phone and pulled up his contacts and clicked on new contact. He gave her his phone. "I don't have your number." She smiled and took his phone and typed in her number. She gave it back to him and got in her car. "Will I see you Thursday?" She asked. He shook his head, "No I'll give you your space. I'll see you Saturday Y/n." He turned and walked off. He could hear her yell back, "Yah! I never agreed to that." Y/n just didn't know, she didn't know that he was determined more than anything to confess. She was the one he wanted.... Y/n's POV Yeonggyo came in complaining about how Chanyeol was hanging around at the rink watching you. He obviously didn't like that Chanyeol was spending time with you but you hated how he talked about him. Yeonggyo had the tendency to believe because his name was known as one of the top skaters in Korea that he was of high prestige but you knew the truth even if he wouldn't admit it. His family came from an old farm in South Korea, at least his mother did and his father made his way over to South Korea from the North. For this reason his father was tough on him. He told him to make himself worth something because where he came from in North Korea he was nothing. There were very little freedoms there. His father ran guilt trips on him when he messed up or felt like giving up claiming he didn't fight to get over to South Korea to give birth to a pathetic son. His Mother was dead, she had some illness, he never talks about it much and even less his father simply mentions that his wife died but after that there was no detail it was almost like they made it to where she never existed. It was because of the fact that Inho, Yeonggyo's father, had nothing that he believed he had to work twice as hard to become something and he didn't want distractions for Yeonggyo because he wouldn't allow him to grow up how he did. Inho had scars, you'd seen them before. He was at your Mother's place and he walked out without a shirt on. Your mother said that she spilled something on his shirt so she went to wash it but you doubted that very much. You were very aware even back then that those two were smitten with each other and even now they seemed even more smitten. It made sense why she was trying to throw Yeonggyo on you only now it was different than it was in the beginning.

Yeonggyo grew up on a farm, for a long time, he worked with his mother, he learned how to do certain things that a kid in the city wouldn't. You still had no idea how or even why he got into skating but he'd made a name for himself just like his father wanted. He was a top skater but the idea that he was of high quality blood, that his prestige was worth breeding like pure bred pups was absolutely ridiculous especially to you. It was why Yixing couldn't stand him and it was why when Kyungsoo came around he sported that classic Satansoo face. They hated him and the way he thought. The only reason you could stand him even long enough to do ice routines wasn't because you two skated in sync so well, you could learn that with anyone with a little practice, it was because you empathized with him on one major thing. You both were being molded into what your parents wanted. The only difference is that you weren't able to find much enjoyment in anything anymore. Yeonggyo at least had happy moments but your only happy moment thus far was being invited to Chanyeol's party and hanging out with them. That thought alone made you blush but it was true. Chanyeol made things more fun when ever he was around. You couldn't deny you liked his company but he just didn't understand that you didn't have as much free time as him and the others did. You got home and walked in heading straight for your room. As usual you stopped by Yixing's door to see if he was home. You could hear the music and knocked on his door but he didn't hear you the first few times. So you simply yelled as you walked to your room, "Yixing I'm home!" It wasn't until you stepped foot in your room and sat down that he came out to see you. You were pulling out your text book and notes so you could start to study. He came in just as you opened your notebook to find the last page you left off. "Hey are you going to the mall with Kyungsoo?" He said. "Oh no, not you too. Kyungsoo has to go by himself I can't I don't have time." "You never have time, don't you think going out with friends would be more fun then sitting in room with little sunlight and four walls?" "You're one to talk, you're always in the recording studio." You said. "That's different Y/n. What I'm doing is my own choice, I'm trying this hard because I love it not because I was told to do it. At the very least I get up and go out and interact with people other than my parents and snobby partner." "Look you just don't get it I don't have a choice." You said getting annoyed. How many times have you two had this conversation since you two became step siblings? Yixing was a sweet honest soul, he was quite honestly looking out for you but nothing he did or said could change the fact that they had more power over you than you had over yourself. What they wanted was what they got you couldn't stop. The only one that saw even a glimmer of the true you was Chanyeol during your performance for the Last. "Y/n you're in your early twenties. You've dedicated so much of your life to them, you've never done anything for you. What happens ten or twenty years from now when you're stuck in a job you hate and then hearing the consistent arguments of those two because one of them didn't get what they wanted from you? Children shouldn't have to live for their parents, everyone should live for themselves. It's okay to be selfish sometimes." "I just-" you sighed. "I just need to study." You said. "It's okay to say you don't want to do this Y/n. I can see it and if he wasn't so busy taking jabs at your mother than he'd see it too. You don't want to be a doctor, you don't want to work this hard to be something you don't want to be. You need to go to the mall with them and experience life with people that are doing the things they love. Maybe if you see that you'll find out what you really love." Yixing left that as his last words to you before he left the room and you went back to studying. Only it was hard to concentrate on anything after that conversation. He was right and you knew it but it was just way too hard to deal with anything anymore. It was too hard to say no to your parents when you knew what they expected of you. You called Kyungsoo. "Hey- um, I can't really study right now, can we meet up?" You asked. "Sure where at?" "How about Han bridge?" "Sure." You two met up and walked down the bridge avoiding people as you two walked. You did just need some fresh air to kind of settle your mind but it wouldn't settle. "Have you considered going to the mall with us, I know Chanyeol said he asked." He spoke. You just shook your head. You stopped right where the bridge began and leaned against the end of the railing. You looked out at the water and just stared for a moment he wasn't going to rush you but he knew there was something that you wanted to talk about. You took a deep breath, "I'm-not happy." You finally said. You let a breath escape like you were amazed you actually voiced it but when one tear rolled down your face multiple tears followed until you were crying. Kyungsoo patted your back but you weren't sure you could keep speaking. He hugged you, "That's the first time you've admitted that out loud." He whispered. "What am I going to do? They're just driving me crazy. Mom is so demanding and Dad is talking about getting me a job at the hospital after I graduate. I feel like I just started and he's already deciding my future. I just can't-" "Okay hold on you need to breathe." He said. You were speaking fast but taking short breaths because you were crying. You tried to calm down. "I feel so dead inside, sometimes I wake up wondering if I just disappeared from the world would I find a better life? I'm just- unhappy and that- sucks. Want do I do?" "Don't give them the ability to decide your future Y/n. You exhaust yourself, you train, you study, you eat little and sleep even less. You need to do what you want to do for you not for them. They don't get to dictate your life like that." "I don't even know how to start Kyungsoo." You whined. He gave you a soft smile, "You start by coming to the mall with us. Come enjoy a day out with us. We'll let you study and practice as much as you need to the rest of the week but Saturday afternoon at two o'clock me and the boys expect to see you." He said. You stared at him and sighed, "I don't know, I don't even really know them. I mean Chanyeol is really cool but I'll just feel like I'm intruding." "You can't expect to change if you don't do anything to change Y/n. You don't get to know people by avoiding them either. You really need to come it's important that you do." He said. Kyungsoo had serious moments but this was the most you'd ever seen him serious. You still didn't agree but you had thought about it all week. Chanyeol sent you a text that afternoon though. Chanyeol: Time Square @ 2 That text stayed on your phone for a week. When Saturday arrived, you had a decision to make. Practice or go to the mall... 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