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So the time has come once more to do the intros and fun cards for the quarter. For the next three months, I hope that my team and I sees growth for the community. So, let me be the first to say Hi, and I hope you love your time here. My intro card will come up later, followed by their intros, our schedule, and guidelines.

So, without further Ado, let me introduce my wonderful team to you. These lovely ladies and bebes, have been with me every step of the way.

Starting off:

My Beautiful Sin will be covered by the wonderful, @Tigerlily84 & @JiyongLeo

These wonderful bebes are the Q2 Mods for EXO & Vixx, so Yay and thank you both for dedicating part of your free time to my ShIN WONHO 💖

@StefaniTre, or Sweetums, is in charge of Casper our Friendly Ghostie. Congrats on your position as SHINHWA Moderator, I love you!❣

@merryjayne13 is Our Prince's Representation. She will be in charge of anything that pertains to our beautiful Prince Terada Takuya. I love you and thank you for your continued support!!

I will be bringing my Angel Face to surface. He is my love and anything SeYoung will be brought to you from yours truly. *Just look at him ꐑ(*♡◡♡ꐐ*)࿐࿔࿓ *

Returning for her second time with us, as my Happy Virus, is the spectacular @InfinitySky. You are too great and I am happy you wanted to stick it out with us Crazy People, you definitely belong as our crazy and loveable Kim Sangmin.

The precious faced @AlexisJ15 will be in charge of our mischievous maknae Kim Yongseok. 💥 Congrats for your Position as Seventeen mod love. I know you'll kill it!!!!

So, let's all have a great term! WE have some fun things to bring to the community.

If you would like to be added to the taglist, please leave a comment below, or you can leave a comment Here

✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧
♢ CandY Babies ♢

#Squad lmao
Lmao We some the best
I'm looking forward to see all your Cross Gene cards in new quarter 😊
Awww thank youuu