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Pokemon - Daily Themes

Hello everyone in the Pokemon Community! I have came up with fun daily events that we all can have fun with!! I hope you enjoy!

Monday - Gotta Catch'em

Bio: Every Monday You guys make a card of any pokemon you would catch. and they be a different Gen each week. When I post my Gotta Catch'em I will always say which Gen you pick from (If you want to comment on it instead thats fine as well)

Tuesday - Favorite Team

Bio: Tuesday is the day where you can share your favorite Team (Team Rocket, Ash and his crew, or Ash and his Pokemon) There will be a different Gen each week so that way it can be different each week.

Wednesday - Who's that Pokemon

Bio: Wednesday is where I will be making cards of Who's that Pokemon theres no specific gen (you can PM me of certian Pokemon you'd like to see) You comment below which pokemon it is and by the end of the day, I anounce the pokemon and tag the people who had played along.

Thursday - Pokemon Throwback

Bio: Throwback Thursday will be about anything (the new series doesn't count since its new) you can make it about when ash got pikachu, the first opening, you name it.

Friday - Pokemon Fun Facts!

Bio: Friday will be anything fun fact about pokemon you knew already or you didn't know If you guys have any suggestions let me know! comment below your suggestions or you can PM me!
I also will be post a lot of Pokemon fanart so I hope you guys will enjoy it!

My Tag List! Please let me know if you'd like be added or removed. Thank you!

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