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Hello there everyone! Guess who's back, back again, Anna's back. Don't tell a friend 😂 sorry I'm a dork. So I'm back and hopefully going to do a better job than last quarter... if these gifs don't work I'm going to cry 😂😭
So, I'll be making cards for Zuho on Saturdays, which I am super excited about! I still don't know a lot about SF9, but I'm not going to let that stop me this quarter!
This gif is really cute and he is precious and I love him. So I am also apart of the Monsta X, Block B, Pentagon, and Up10tion. I'm super pumped for Q2 and I hope everyone else is, too! The Sensation Feeling Squad @YulaGyeom-MOD @ChaErica @Changkyunie @IsoldaPazo @yehetmyohorat97 @jjrockstar Sensational Feeling Fam @MelissaGarza @TerraToyaSi @JaxomB @Lexxcisco @Banitu @StarlightV @EvilGenius @miruchii @luvella18 @JarviaKlipka @twistedPuppy @SierraBecerra @LiyahBoon @adritae @LemonLassie @SweetDuella @destiny1419 @Sailynn @XergaB20 @MBLAQSA @alltimerejectx @sukkyongwanser @otakukpoper