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Introducing VAV
Hello Vampz and soon to be Vampz ! Today is the first day of Quarter 2. I'm so excited to be the moderater for VAV and wish to make this a great quarter. Today I'm going to introduce the group as a whole.

VAV (Very Awesome Voice):

Debut date: 10/31/15
Fandom name: VAMPZ
Debut song : Under The Moonlight
Under AQ Entertainment (now A Team ENT)
They debuted with six members and in the music video a mystery member.
The original members were Gyeoul, Jacob, St.Van, Xiao, BaRon, and Ace.
For their comeback Brotherhood they revealed the seventh member Zehan
Soon after the release of Brotherhood, Vampz got sad news that Xiao was temporarily leaving the group to go back to China to care for his sick father.
With just the six members the released No Doubt. Once promotions for No Doubt, Vampz got more sad news that Zehan would be leaving the group to pursue acting. Although it was sad I wish the best for him.
For a Christmas surprise Xiao came back to release Here I Am, but left again to go back to China. And once again Vampz got news that another member was leaving. Gyeoul left the group to pursue music on his own.
Finally their latest comeback Dance With Me, VAV got three new members.
Kim Hosung- Lou
Park Heejun- Ziu
No Yoonho -Anyo ... some of you may know him from the survival show No Mercy
I am still learning more about the new members, I will share all that I can with you guys :)
If you would like to be tagged in the Vampz list just let me know in the comments.

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tag me in please
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Tag me please 馃槉馃槉
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please tag me in future cards, i would love to learn more about VAV
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So they are back to 7 members, right?
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@destiny1419 I'm glad BaRon is still with the group. 馃槉
8 months ago
tag please
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