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Can we just talk about how freaking cute he is right here please?--- Ok! Hi guys! I'm Anna and I'm incredibly happy to say that I get to work on cards for Zico on Saturdays as a Block B mod support! Hopefully I'll do a better job this quarter as mod support instead of trying to be a mod... I know I wasn't very good.
So, not only am I apart of the Block B mod support but I will also be helping with Up10tion, Pentagon, SF9, and Monsta X. All cards should be uploaded on Saturdays to early 3am-ish Sunday morning because that's when I am most productive... oops. So, Zico is my bias and just so happens to be my ultimate bias wrecker. At least I think he still is because I'm always unsure of that position. I.M of Monsta X is my ultimate bias and has been for a quite a few months now. I'm still quite new to kpop having only been listening for about a year now so my mind changes a lot...