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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my SATURDAY introduction card on Sunday at approximately 2:00 am. I want to thank the wonderful @Lexxcisco for allowing me to join their team! I'm so stoked to be bringing you *excessive use of drum rolling* BARO SATURDAYS!
Well let me start out with a hello. I'm Jasmyn! I'm currently 17 (99 liner, I turn 18 in October) years old, I live in the great ol USA. I have been listening to kpop since 2011 (I was 11 years old.) and my three top groups are NCT, Seventeen, and PENTAGON. All of which I am a support for, with the exception of Pentagon because I'm the mod (which I am super excited to be for the second time! I was the first ever Pentagon mod and I was lucky to be given the chance to mod for a second time! ) I do help support many other groups and if I listed them all it would look overwhelming, but I can handle it all. MY ULTIMATE BIAS IS LEE DONGHYUCK AKA DONGSOOKIE AKA MARKS MUSE AKA HAECHAN AKA TY TRACK ENTHUSIAST. I will fight for my love of him.
(y'all, I gotta fan myself because shirtless BARO IS MAKING ME WEAK.) Okay, I first got into B1A4 when they appeared as guests on let's go dream team. Baro looked very attractive to me after he completed his run (and was covered in sweat, please don't judge me.) and then I heard their song sweet girl and I about died. And here I am now just loving them! So yeah, I hope you'll join me on Saturdays AND join us in the community to spread love to these beauties! Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful
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Loved it girl!! We got in kpop around the same time too! That's so funny😂😂😄. So excited to have you on the team! 😘
I'm so excited about B1A4 having mod support. Baro is my bias from B1A4
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@awkwardjazzy ok 😆
Cewt~ I would've felt the same way if I saw a sweaty, sexy Baro!!!! No judging here cX I look forward to working with you in the B1A4 community, Jazzy!!!!! :D