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Well....after the concert on Wednesday in Chicago....I had so many things running through my head....and well.... here is my finally edited story. I've been slacking on fan fics....and I'm super tired and emotional after the BEST CONCERT EVER!

Anywho....I hope you enjoy it!

"That concert was amazing!!" I screamed at my friends. "It was! I can die happy now." Jenni said "Not that you want to die." Dani said laughing. "I'm so glad we could enjoy this together." I said holding up my glass. After the concert we went back to the hotel and congregated into one room. We were drinking not wanting the night to end. Somewhere along the way, Dani went back to her room, and I ended up leaving the room to go for a little walk. Jenni was asleep and I needed to kill some energy. I took the elevator down to the bottom floor and walked to the front desk. I looked at the food they were selling. It was all too expensive. I went back to the elevator and pressed a button. Eventually the door opened and I walked out. Maybe sleep would be better now. Things were blurry and it was hard to see. I bumped into someone one. "Sorry." I looked at them. There wasn't just one guy there were 3 total. I kinda panicked. I quickly finished the walk to my room and tried to slide the card. It didn't work. "No did I have it next to my phone?" I tried again. I'm not going back down. I knocked on the door and leaned against it. I wasn't feeling good. I heard the door unlock...wait when did Jenni lock it? I stood up and waited. The door opened. Was I seeing things correctly. "Man took you long enough when did you lock the door." I said about to push past her but instead I just fell forward into her arms. My phone dinged causing me to wake up. Man that dream of Jungkook was amazing. I wished it was real I rolled over and finally opened my eyes and looked around the room. I froze on the person sleeping in the chair by the bed. I started to panic. I grabbed my phone. Jenni: Where are you!?!?! Did you get up for breakfast without me? Oh Jenni would die if she knew where I was. I glanced under the covers and was very thankful I was still clothed. I didn't do anything I could regret right. I looked back at the guy and stared. Was it really him? He moaned and moved. I closed my eyes. Then opened them again. He was staring at me and I pulled the blanket to cover everything but my eyes. "Are you ok?" He asked and I nodded. "Ok, you were pretty drunk last night." He said getting up from the chair.
"I'm sorry!" I squealed and closed my eyes tight. "It's ok. I would have been a real crappy person if I just threw you out in the hall." "Are you really....." I opened my eyes and he was standing in front of the bed now. "Yes I am Jungkook." My inner fangirl hit. Inside I was going crazy. "Can I ask how I ended up here?" I asked as calm , I could. "Well I'm assuming you thought this was your room, you tried to get in with the key and it wouldn't work so you started knocking on it. I wasn't going to open it but when you leaned against the door I thought something was wrong. After I opened the door you fell onto me and that's when I myself panicked."


What do I do? I pulled the girl's body into my room and laid her on the bed. I threw a cover over her and grabbed my key and left. I went over to Jin's room. I knocked several times. He finally answered. "What's up Jk?" He asked "Um I don't know what to do." I walked into his room. "What?" "There's a girl in my room." "JK! How could you!" Jin yelled. "No, no she is passed out." "What did you do!?" He asked. "Jin, you are thinking bad thoughts. She knocked on my door, I wasn't going to answer but she looked like she was drugged or something she was leaning against the I opened it and she passed out. I gave her my bed but what do I do?" I asked "Well you did the right thing if she's drunk or something and you left her out in the hall something could happen to her." "Ok and then what do I do when she wakes up?" "Well hopefully she'll be level headed and you can explain this to her. If not be on guard." "Ok." "Now go watch her and make sure she is ok, if she's sick take care of her ok." Jin said and then shooed me out the door. I went back to my room and watched her sleep. She kept mumbling in her sleep and one sentence that came out of her mouth was 'Jungkook you are so amazing.' I smiled. She was hopefully a nice fan.


"I am so so so sorry." I said trying to get off the bed but fumbled and he caught me. "Calm down, I'm not mad." He said causing me to look at him. I had seen him last night up close but this was better there was no guards between us. "I love you....I mean I love BTS..." I blushed and he laughed. "I figured with what you said in your sleep." "Oh gosh please ignore that." I said moving away. My phone beeped again. It was still on the bed. I went to grab it but he took it instead. "I want a message that you get back to your friends ok? If not I might be worried all day " He said putting something into my phone then handing it to me. "Oh ok." I said and moved to the door. I was about to walk out of the room but quickly turned. "I'll talk to you later." He smiled. "Thank you Jungkook, and My name is Sarah " I said and walked out of the room. I looked at the door. I had gone up an extra floor. I quickly went to the elevator and went to my correct floor. I walked into my room and flopped on the bed as Jenni walked out of the bathroom. "Dude where were you?"She asked "I stayed the night in Jungkook's room." I said "What!?" her mouth dropped. I explained the whole thing and at the end I quickly text Jungkook to let him know I was fine and back with my friend.
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LOL yep that sounds like a 🐧🐼🐯adventure. I think 🐼 & 🐯 should write us more adventures when we are apart. Love my girls!!!💖🐧💖
omg please continue
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