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I know Jinyoung.... no one likes rules... *sighs* but we gotta have some structure...

*tbh I was dreading this card*

So... that being said... I only have a few guidelines I wish for those taking part in the JJP Community to follow when posting cards *wiggles eyebrows*

1. Post relevant cards only..... in other words... idc what you post, but please make sure you post something with JB and/or Jinyoung in it. So if you wanna post something about Got7... as long as it has one or both members of JJP in it... by all means go ahead! :) All irrelevant cards will be removed.
2. NO HATE of any kind will be tolerated. Don't bash JJP... Don't bash GOT7... and don't bash on other vinglers! Let's all get along and be one big happy family this Quarter okay? ;)
3. If you're posting anything with mature content please use a trigger warning! Its super easy... put an (19+) on your cards title and/or put a warning at the beginning of your card and you will be set! ;)

4. Remember to have fun!!

I hope you all have fun this Quarter sharing and making memories with not only the JJP boys... but also us fellow Vinglers ♡

I hope everyone has TONS of fun with us! I can't wait to see what kind of cards you'll bring to the community! So until next time...

Love Always, Shaila

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