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안녕하셔요, B2UTYS! I have had the honor to be chosen for the BEAST MOD unofficial support memeber. I am really excited to have joined them for Q2! I have teamed up with some lovley ladies @KenyaMendoza and @awkwardjazzy for the BEAST Maknae Team and with @axosrain, @MelissaGarza and @KenyaMendoza for the BEAST Feature Team! Be ready we have some FUN coming your way.
*My name is Suk-kyong but everyone calls me Suki. I have never been on a Mod before so this will be a new experience for me and fun at the same time. I love K-POP!!
*My bias groups are so many to name but a few are BEAST, Super Junior, Shinwa, GOT7, SHINee, Boys Republic, BTOB, VIXX, Big Bang WINNER, Monsta X and the list goes on..............
*My ultimate biases, yes I have more than one, it is so hard to choose are Yoseob (BEAST), Heechul (SuJu), Jonghyun (SHINee), Mark (GOT7), OneJunn (Boys Republic), Hongbin (VIXX), T.O.P (Big Bang) and many more. Do I have to choose one? Let me think on this one........
*Just about me:
1. I was born in Korea and moved to the states, that was a fun experience.
2. I love to watch Korean dramas.
3. I love K-pop!
4. I am teaching my kids how to read and write in Korean and the culture.
5. I try to go to every K-Pop concert that comes to the US. I go to KCON in LA every year.

How I got into BEAST was watching them on Weekly Idol in 2012. I just loved how much fun they had and then I had to find out who they were.
After watching this episode I started looking up their videos and fell in love with this song, then I was hooked and I become a B2UTY.
My Bias In BEAST/Highlight:
My bias is Yang Yoseob! I mean look at him, he is so adorable and cute! Who would not choose him as a bias. He is funny! His smile is to die for! Those different facial expressions are just priceless. Just looking at him makes me smile!

I hope that you will join us and play. We will have a lot of fun together, being B2UTYS!
Its going to be fun fangirling with you this Quarter! Welcome to the Squad ❤
Thank you!
WELCOME to the team!
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amazing intro Suki!!!!! welcome to the team
Thank you!
Welcome Suki! Great intro!!!
Thank you!