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Who has played this game before? I love these games. I've got about a hundred of them on my phone.
For those of you that haven't, shall we date is a interactive story game. You enter your name, choose your man and even make choices as you advance through the story to see how your story ends up.
These games are good and they're really fun and have great storyline's.

The thing is I've wanted to do an interactive story for a while on Vingle and couldn't figure out how to do it. So I drew the inspiration from the millions of Shall we date apps on my phone.
So here's what I want to do. I'll post another card today giving you the main story and the four line up men. This is a nice little project for me while I take a break on my fanfics. Think of this as a game.
Everyone is getting their own separate story and separate card. So it doesn't matter who you choose you can go back and read everyone's main story and make your choices.

I'll be posting the stories for the characters in my Shall we date collection that way it's easy to find instead of going through all my fanfics. Think of this as an game and a story. I hope you'll enjoy it and have fun with me!

I plan on posting two of the four characters stories ever other day. Since this is the beginning I will post the card of the four choices and the Main storyline.

Also I will be creating a separate tag list that will only be used on these cards so if you're on a special tag list or on my generic tag list and you wish to be on the Shall we date kpop tag list please say so in the comments. For these cards the Shall we sat Taglist is the only Taglist I'll be using.
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tag. i play all of them lol
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I will
tag pls
Am I already on your general tag list? Anyway if I'm not add me because I want to be up to date on all your posts
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