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What's up Vingle Fam?!

So the card is here - The Guideline Card!

Of course there are rules and I want to go over them as quickly as I can so we can get to the fun of this quarter!
So let's see what they are shall we? ;)

Rule Number 1 - The card that is posted in the community must be related to B1A4!

If it just talks about a member or even has just one meme of B1A4 I will accept it!
I just don't want to see lots of cards not about our members as this is the B1A4 community!
I will give you a warning in a message privately first but if it continues to happen from the same person there will be no warning next time and the next card will be removed (if it doesn't have any content).

Rule Number 2 - No fighting!

Of course we are pretty civil people on here but I would be a very happy BANAna if there was no mean words/comments towards other people on B1A4 cards. We are all here to love our members so let's just make love not war, right? ;)

Rule Number 3 - BRING ON THE SMUT!

We will allow smut in the community about our members but please make sure there is a warning in the beginning of the story or right before the smut happens! We will be excited to read some of them though if you all do post it ;)
If there is no warning, I will message you privately so you can add it to the card! I will not remove the card right away but if you do not put the warning up 48 hours after me messaging you, I will removed the card! So just slap on some labels everyone! XD

Rule Number 4 - Don't be afraid to get involved!

I want you all to know that I LOVE IT when people get involvedi n communities! Whether it is a meme card, a letter to a member, an appreciation card, or even a fanfic, it is great seeing members of bands get loved! Therefore, we will have contests and fun events going on in the community so please make sure to get involved!!
We are all fun-loving BANAnas here and I can't wait to see what you guys do!

Rule Number 5 - HAVE FUN!!

Ah, the most important rule.

We are here to spread the love of B1A4 so let's have fun with it right?!?!
We are going to be very active and make this community a blast so we hope you will join us in our festivites as every day shall be a BANAna day!

And that's it! Glad to have that over! XD

Look forward to our future cards and to a great Q2! Love you al!!
Also, if you would like to be added to the community taglist (The BANAnas) let us know as we would love to add you! Love you fam~

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

🍬The SweetTargets🎯

🍌The BANAnas🍌

smut + B1A4 is everything I need lol. good luck as mod!
Lol right? 😄 Thank you^^
Ooo very good guidelines~ And I love that gif of.....Oh god.... Sandeul? (Please don't kill me, I'm still a newbie BANAna Dx) getting poked in the butt, very nice XD XD XD XD
That is him!! 👏👏👏👏 Nice girl! 😄