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Hello Lovelies its that time again for the Community Guildlines:
-Respect your fellow vinglers. Everyone has a right to thier opinions but dont degrade their opinions cause you think your opinion only matters.
- No irrevelavant cards. They will be removed immediately.
-NO BULLYING! If i see someone bullying another. I will report you immediately!
-Fanfictions: I will allow smut BUT YOU MUST HAVE A WARNING! If you dont your fanfic will be removed from the community!
-Also if you noticed something that goes against our guildlines please let us know. We will take corrective actions.
-Also have fun and hope you support our oppas!
Ok that will be all. If i miss something let me know.

If you want to ne added to the taglist let us know.

Shinhwa Changjo Mods:

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