Some of you might be too young to know me. Some of you might have never noticed me. Maybe some of you just forgot. But...
it's been a while friends.
I've never been mod support before but I'm honored to delve into the realm with Block B. I am Taeil's mod, and I will be uploading on Sundays :)
I call him smol thug.
I hope to spread his love around, and maybe get some in return. I missed you guys!

Fun Facts About Me:
I cried petting a bunny once because it was too cute.
I was almost mauled by a bear.
I'm Russian. Да, я говорю по Русский.
Dogs before dudes. Ruff said.
I'm 19, about to go off to my first year of university. I hope I don't die.

That's it for my introduction. Nice to meet you all. I hope I don't disappoint.
The usual:
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"Ruff said." ah,so cuteee