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Hey everyone!!! I am happy to announce that I'm Mod Support for VIXX again this quarter!
I'll be representing N again! I'll be bringing him to you every Sunday! I'm so excited to be with the boys again this quarter! Thanks @JiyongLeo for keeping me on the squad! :)

About Me:

~My name is Erica. You can call me Erica or Cha. Either is fine!
~I am 21 years old, born in 1995.
~I have previously been the Day6 and Madtown Moderator's but this quarter I am not a Mod.
~My favorite groups are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, BTS, Astro, and I could literally go on forever...
~My ultimate bias is Cha Hakyeon/N!! So I'm extra excited to be on the VIXX support team!
~I am also Mod support for Astro, SF9, BAP, Pentagon, Monsta X, Day6, Victon, and Up10tion!

How Did I Get Into VIXX?:

When I first got into kpop in 2014 a suggestion popped up on YouTube one day about VIXX's Error MV, I watched it and immediately Hakyeon sucked me in with his eyes. Little did I know that I had heard their song Voodoo Doll sometime before that.

How Did N Become My VIXX Bias?:

Well like I mentioned above his eyes mesmorized me and I immediately went to find out who he was. He became my Ultimate Bias in 2015 when I saw him in person for the first time at Kcon NY. Seeing him in the same room as me killed me! My VIXX bias wrecker is Ken, he makes a big weakness in my heart at times!

If you haven't already joined the VIXX Community you should!
You can do so by clicking -->Here<--


If you'd like to be tagged or un-tagged please let us know!
If you have changed usernames please let us know as well!
He has great eyes!
Right? He's got this way of sucking you in with his gaze.
Sex eyeees
His sex eyes are what we first talked about when we first talked XD.