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Hello everyone! Yesterday I totally forgot to get to this so I'm doing a late intro today!
I will be representing Leo with @Awkwardjazzy we are super excited to bring you Leo every Saturday!
Allow me to introduce you to Leo!
Leo's birth name is Jung Taekwoon and he is a vocalist in VIXX. He is one of the oldest along with VIXX's leader N!
He is often seen as cold or mean but he is truly a sweetheart and very social with people he knows! Leo has a beautiful voice and I encourage you to check out VIXX to hear him and the other members!
Now a little about me!
I go by Jiji or Aster, I will accept either one!
I'm 19 years old and currently in college so if I've not posted in awhile, you know why
Currently I am a he but that could change anytime so check my bio or simply ask me if you are wondering if its switched! (Also don't get too worried if you say she from time to time, people forget)
I have tons of favorite groups so if you wanna know which ones please feel free to ask me!
My VIXX bias is Leo and he is one of my UBs along with G-Dragon!
If you wanna know anything else please ask!
I look forward to sharing the love for Leo with all of you!!
I totally read "He is a vocalist" as he is a "Socialist". I was like, wow you really know A LOT about Leo!
He's such a cutie pie!!!! Also I'm laughing at Helixx's comment.
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