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Hey here's the main story hope you have fun and enjoy this beginning. Remember I'm only using one Taglist for these cards so if you want to be tagged just say so.
I sat by the spring that led to the prayer temple, on my way back from it, I stared out at the water and the beautiful flowers before me. My faithful and most trusted friend was my horse Yato. He's taken me everywhere since I was a child. He stood beside me nudging his nose into my side, drawing my attention from the river. I chuckled and turned to face him and placed a hand under his chin while I began to pet the top of his head. He came closer to me, I could tell he was trying to give me comfort. Animals seemed to have a sixth sense when they know their Master is nervous or upset; they know how to provide the most perfect comfort.

"Looks like we've got a long journey ahead of us Yato." I said softly.

I was nervous, this was the first time I would be leaving my home. My parents had trained me all my life for this moment and now it had come. My eighteenth birthday signified the day of the Divine. I was supposed to be led by four guards to the Island of Mist. Awaiting me at the Island, was a large magical stone that connected me with the divine ancestors of my family. Their powers were strong and their wisdom was unyielding. That kind of power could unite Kingdoms or destroy the world. That wasn't the part I was nervous about. This was a terribly difficult trip to make, we would be passing through villages and mountains filled with larger creatures that could eat men whole. Some how still that wasn't the scariest part. The scariest part was what would be coming after me now that my mission had been laid out to me. The small palace I lived in was hidden behind a magically protected forest.

What was I being protected from?

The kingdom of greed or at least that's what we call it. It was a dark Kingdom with magics far more dark than I could even imagine. Lord Ryo had tried before to break the barrier of the forest but his powers were not strong enough. His family has tried for centuries to steal the power of my family. Simply killing me before I can reach the Divine stone will not only stop me from creating harmony for our Kingdoms but he would be able to steal my magic and unlock the power in the Divine stone himself. This was a dangerous mission yet my parents felt that sending an army with me would be a waste of innocent lives. I couldn't help but think they were right. I didn't want anyone dying to try and save me however if I were to die...

Well wasn't the world doomed already?

I didn't want to seem selfish, I knew my mission and my purpose in life. The four knights that would follow me to the island of Mist were strong but only one of them I truly knew. They possessed great powers and amazing fighting skills. I knew I would be safe with them, my mother told me they were the best in the Kingdom.

I soon hopped on Yato's back and rode back to my home to meet my parents. They were to present the map of how to get to the Island of Mist. We needed to be careful, I knew that more than anything. As I slowed Yato down, I saw a man turn to face me. He was walking towards the palace but stopped when he heard the footsteps of Yato. I got off of Yato's back but stayed near him.

"Who are you?" I asked.

He smiled so peacefully, his beauty was unmatched with my own. I felt a bit insecure that he looked more gorgeous in the sunlight than I did. He stepped forward a little and bowed.

"A pleasure to finally meet you princess. I am your third Knight, Choi Minho."
I bowed when I saw him and said,

"So you will be following me-eh?"

Minho had walked forward and touched my hair removing something from it. He pulled his hand back to show me a pink petal. He smiled sweetly and took my hand in his and said,

"You were in the garden weren't you princess? It's beautiful this time of year."

I could feel myself blushing, he was so up close and that didn't help the fact that I could see up close he was twice as handsome.

"Yah! Minho let's go the King and Queen are waiting for us!"

Another man stood at the entrance to the palace and had called to Minho. He was handsome too but he seemed to be less friendly than Minho; he wasn't the one I knew. Minho turned back to me with a smile.

"Well, how about you join me princess."

Before I could answer he was taking my hand and walking me down the path to the door. Yato followed behind and after tying him up I entered the room with Minho to see three other Knights and my parents sitting at their thrones. The ceremonial candles were lit as well. The place looked beautiful but that sense of nervousness rose in me again. It was up to me to receive the powers of my ancestors and unite the kingdoms.

I will not die!

"Princess Y/n the rude one over there is the first Knight and our captain Woo Jiho." Minho said.
He bowed to me,

"Princess." He said.

He glared at Minho which made me believe that was going to come back to bite him in the butt some how. Minho just chuckled,

"Your second Knight is Yoo Kihyun, he's the one standing over there with the feather in his hand." Minho introduced his fellow knight.

"Hello." I said bowing to him.

He bowed to me as well but didn't respond. Silent type I suppose.
"Last but not least Moon Jongup. He is your fourth Knight." Minho said.

I smiled at him, I knew Jongup. We used to play together when we were younger. His ability to summon bubbles always made me happy but from what I heard he'd turned those bubbles into weapons. That was an impressive skill but not one I was really looking forward to. I didn't want to have to use my powers or for them to use theirs but I suppose it may just be inevitable.

"It's good to see you again Princess." Jongup said.

I smiled,

"It's good to see you again too Uppie."

Minho chuckled at the nickname while Jongup seemed a little embarrassed that I used it.
After all the introductions were done my father called our attention.

"Y/n as you know the marking of your eighteenth birthday means that you are to go to the Island of Mist to receive your powers from your ancestors. As you have seen so far, the four men before you will be your knights, they are responsible for your safety. Lord Ryo will be after you as soon as you leave these protective walls. Therefore we have given you a gift." He said.

My father reached over and picked something up off my mother's lap. He walled over to me and removed the long royal blue cloth. What laid beneath was the most beautifully crafted sword I'd ever seen.

"Generations of women have used this sword on their travels through the forest in the island of Mist. By channeling your powers you can fuse them with the sword and create devastating blows." He said.

He gave me the sword and I smiled before giving him a hug. He patted my back lightly before pulling me away.

"My child, be safe and come home." He said.

"Yes father." I said.

My mother came to me and pulled something out from her sleeve. She then handed me a rolled up paper.

"This map will guide you on your travels my sweet Y/n. Good luck." She smiled.

"Thank you Momma." I said.

I gave her a hug as well and they left the room. I looked at the men surrounding me now. I sighed and turned to walk out the door, staying here would make it hurt more. If I did not accomplish my mission everyone would die. That was a fate too heavy for my soul. I needed the sunshine to greet me. As we came outside I heard Minho call to me.


I turned to look at them.

"Jiho has suggested that one of us be responsible for you."

"Aren't all four of you?" I asked him.

"I meant that as in the three of us can keep a look out for monsters and Lord Ryo's ninjas. If it becomes necessary to flee then one of us should be responsible for getting you to safety while the rest of us fight." Jiho explained.

"So who will you pick?" Jongup asked.

"I have to pick?" I said surprised.

Jiho nodded,

"Whom ever you pick will be spending a lot of time with you. So you better pick wisely princess." He said.

But who should I pick...?
Now Here's your chance to choose! Which Knight will be in charge of you?
"What a beautiful day Princess but not as beautiful as you"
Choi Minho
Power: Produces flower petals in a storm. Special attack: Poison Lotus
Weapon: Chain Scythe
Likes: Beauty especially beautiful women Dislikes: Spicy food
"Stay by me and don't cause any trouble."
Woo Jiho
Power: Fire
Special attack: Meteor shower
Weapon: Duel swords
Likes: Music, waterfalls and poetry
Dislikes: Those who can't make up their mind
"It's been a while Y/n but you know I can protect you right?"
Moon Jongup
Power: Bubbles
Special attack: Bubble burst
Weapon: Short dagger
Likes: Children, sunny days, flowers
Dislikes: Rain and the cold
"...If you stay with me...I'll never let you go."
Yoo Kihyun
Power: Lightning
Special attack: Zesu's wrath
Weapon: Chakram
Likes: Sleep, spicy foods
Dislikes: Liars, noisey people.
Alright choose your man and by Tuesday the first two Characters story will be uploaded.

I have to pick?!! I'm a libra, I can't make decisions like that! lol Ummm ummm ummmm....ok, ok. I think it would be interesting to have Jiho by her side. He comes off as a hard ass and aloof. The interactions would be entertaining, especially if he harbored a lil crush on the princess.
LOL CAN I PICK ALL OF THEM?!? But Honestly either Zico or Jongup right now 😍😍😍
of course you can lol
Kihyun ❀😊
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