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She feels someone shaking her but doesn’t want to wake up. She absently swats at the air, “Go away, I’m sleeping”.
Hearing a familiar laugh she smiles and curls into her pillow, “Jiyong”.
The laughter continues, “Yes babe, come on get up. The phone's for you.”
“It’ll go to voicemail, people know better than to call me this early.” She flips the pillow over her head and burrows in deeper.
“It’s someone named [YN].”
She shoots straight up in bed; gets dizzy and face plants between her legs. “Ow, too fast. Wait… did you answer my phone? Why did you answer my phone?”
“Better question, why am I just finding out how flexible you are? Damn woman, that looks painful.”
She waves her hand behind her head in an effort to swat at him. He places her phone in her hand instead.

“The phone keeping ringing, she didn’t want to leave a message obviously. Besides it says BFFAA, I figured she already knew about me.”
“The whole world knows about you,” she mumbles as she props up on an elbow and blows hair out of her face.
“It’s about time! Are you ignoring me? I thought you weren’t talking to him right now, what haven’t you told me?”
“Shhhhhh….I’m sleeping. Too many questions, what time is it?”
“Noon for you, you should already be up.”
“It was a long night, I'm tired. I don’t ignore you, you don’t let me.”
“Long night?!?! He was there all night? JAK! You better start talking!”
“Lemme wake up first okay? Geesh, effort.”

A can of Mountain Dew shows up in front of her face and she blows a kiss to him, “You’re a life saver, thanks.”
“Speak” comes across the line. Jak sits back, takes a drink and pushes her hair off her forehead.
“We technically didn’t speak…" She cuts you off before you can speak, "LET ME FINISH! He had a rough day, was depressed, and showed up at my door last night. We just sat in silence until we fell asleep, that’s it. Happy?”
“Well… I don’t know. I know you love him so I’m glad you’re forgiving him. He deserves another chance right?”
Jak looks over at the closed bathroom door where she can hear the shower running. “Yeah, he does.” She sighs, “Relationships are hard. He said he thought of rules for us if this was going to last so I guess that means he’s invested.” She shrugs, “I guess it depends on what his rules are, what if I can’t follow them?!”
“If they’re good rules, they will be for both of you, not just you. If he only has rules for you, there’s a problem you know that right?”
“Yeah. So, why did you call?”
“Can’t I call just to check on you?”
“No. You would have texted. Your turn, speak.”
“I’ve graduated and I'm not finding anything around here. I guess I just wanted confirmation that I’m still worth something. It’s just one no after another. ‘Too much experience’ ‘Not enough experience’ ‘Overqualified’ ‘We filled it internally’, ugh, I’m so sick of it all.”
“You could still come here. I still need a roommate. Then you can pester me whenever you want and not have to rely on a phone.” Jak is still smiling when Jiyong opens the bathroom door with just his jeans on.
He whispers across the room, “She moving here? I still have that place for you to look at.”
Jak nods, “Ji says he has an apartment his friend found that would work for the two of us. I like this idea, I don’t want to live alone anymore, you need to move here to be with me. Now.”
“I don’t even know what I’d need to move there….”
“First get a passport..”
“I have one smarty pants, I’ve already been to visit remember?”
“Oh yeah! Than all you need to do is apply for a work Visa. Like immediately because they take a couple of months or more.” There is silence on the other end. “You still there?”
“I can’t believe I’m actually considering this.”
“You really are?!?!? YES! No more considering, just do it, you know you want to. I have to go now, text me when you have your paperwork turned in!”
Jak quickly hangs up and heads into the bathroom. She's grabbed by Jiyong on the way. “We need to talk…. Today.”
She nods, “I know. Right now though I feel very gross compared to you, I’m going to go fix that.”
“I’ll order in some breakfast.”
“You do that.”

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