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Alright so this week I haven't been doing much but I do have a fun little story to tell, lol its complete false but oh if only lol. Saying disclaimer before I start story. and story includes @Tigerlily84 and @SugaKookieV since the three of us went to bts together. :)
Jenni Dani and sarah go to the aquarium and bump into her friend who works there plus a few of the guys from bts.


The day before the concert. Excitement coursed through Jenni as her and sarah drove to the city. It was their plan to meet up with their friend Dani and her mom so they could hang out while they were in town.
“Jenni right turn right” Sarah instructed just as she zoomed past the exit. “Jenni!” Sarah exclaimed making Jenni laugh.
“Sorry you said it to late “ Jenni squealed.
“Now we're adding 10 more minutes on the trip” Sarah said
“I Sorry” Jenni laughed. As the two girls got directions and several tries to get it right once Jenni got off the highway she immediately recognized were they were.
“I think we did this the last time we came out for a concert” Sarah commented
“I think your right. Touhy, touchy touchy Wolf!” Jenni laughed
“touch a wolf!” Sarah burst out laughing than started singing Exo Wolf song.
“that's it when we went to Exo we did this!” Sarah exclaimed.
The two started talking about previous concerts they went to over the 5 minutes it took to get to the hotel.
When they got there the two checked in and went to their room unloading the car if their goodies. After they called up Dani to see if she arrived.


“I can't believe your friend Works here” Sarah said as we approached the aquarium.
“I know. I'm actually really happy she does’ I grinned “Plus she gave me free tickets” I exclaimed.
“Your so excited for this” Sarah laughed looking at Dani. She was staring at the building.
“They have penguins!” Dani exclaimed.
“penguin meeting penguins” I chuckled.
“Oh yea? If we went to a zoo with Panda's you would be bouncing up and down the entire time panda” Dani pointed out making me laugh.
“So true so true” I said between giggles.
“I would laugh at Jenni if she acted like that. OH I wonder if they have stuffed animals inside!” Sarah commented as we made our way inside.
“I'm pretty sure they do sarah” Dani commented.
“Oh oh and if we can get them. I want a panda so I can through it on stage and make at least one of them boys apart of my panda army!” I squealed.
“hehe I beat you! I already have Tae apart of my tiger army” Sarah Said making me glare at her.
“Noo no you dont” I whined.
“Oh yes I do. Every time Tae posts something on twitter he adds a tiger emoji” Sarah explained.
“Noo.” I whined and Dani laughed.
“one point Tiger” Dani laughed.
“And Jenni I don't think an aquarium has panda's “ Sarah pointed out. “than they won't have a tiger either” I said laughing as I walked ahead in the line to give the lady our tickets at last.

Ah we made it inside. The glass aquarium in front of us looked so pretty with all the fish. We stood there and stared at it for several minutes before we actually made a move to go looking around the place.
We made a plan of going through each section, 15 minutes in each so we had time to be able to get the show.
2 hours later and we were seated in the aquatic show area.
“So your friend Jen works here, have you seen her yet?” Sarah asked
“Uhm no, but she's a trainee for these shows so I think she'll be around here some where” I said looking around hoping to see her. I caught sight of her by the edge of the pool looking out into the crowd. “there she is” I pointed her out. “Hold on I'm going to go say Hi to her” I said standing up,
“Okay we'll be here “ Dano said.
I rushed down the stone stairs that were quickly filling up. Some bts fans were here as well, I took notice of the shirts people were wearing, they did have their concert tomorrow so it made sense.
“Jen!” I exclaimed approaching my friend.
“Jenni!” Jen exclaimed. “You made it” she said smiling at me.
“Yup. I'm glad I ran into you I didn't think I would today” I said.
We talked a little bit the she brought up how they're bringing out a penguin later in the show and she was slightly nervous.
“Fun fact, Employees aren't allowed to look at the animals unless we are the animals trainer. We could get fired allowed, the animals make it so hard, the beluga whales actually sing or splash water to get our attention” Jen had explained which made me laugh until I realized she was serious.
“I can't believe that. I wouldn't last I'd stare at the whales all day long if I could” I commented
“You can, your a guest here” she laughed. A horn noise sounded making Jen look around. “Oh we're about to start. Go take your seat” Jen said.
I said goodbye to her and made my way back up the stairs, passing a group of rowdy guys that just sat. They looked to be korean and covered most of their faces which seemed odd.
I took my seat next to Sarah and Dani.
“What she say?” Dani asked
I relayed a little information to them which made them laugh and Dani excited about penguins coming out.
“Sarah you okay there?” I asked realizing she was sitting statue still the entire time we talked.
“look look” Sarah unfreeze and started slapping at my arm.
“What are we looking at?” Dani asked.
“right there those 3 guys” Sarah pointed to the group of guys a few rows in front of use and a handful of people to the left of us.
“Who is it?” I questioned.
“that's tae! I think that's Hobi too” Sarah whispered.
“Oh hell No!” Dani stood up.
“Are you running away from penguins penguin?” I looked at her, she gave a quizzical look before sitting back down.
“don't point them out to me, they are not there” Dani said. “I want to see the penguins “ she added making us laugh.
“I'm good with that” I nodded.
“Its kookie”Sarah was hyperventilating next to me.
“Your reaction sarah” I chuckled. Sarah glared.
“If namjoon was there you would be hyperventilating too” Sarah pointed out I shrugged
“I probably would. Now my heart is speeding up and I'm nervous that about it” I shrugged.
The aquatic show started. Sarah watched Tae, Kookie, and Hobi the entire time, every time they did something entertaining she would giggle like mad and slap my arm and Dani’s like she was a flying fish. I laughed at her reaction and at one point Dani had smacked her upside the head to make her stop. Needless she only slapped at my arm after that.
I watched the show and saw what my friend was being trained to do, so far she just fed the baluga whales fish from the side in between tricks and got supplies from the side.
When the penguin came out Dani was bouncing in her seat and making noise and happy.

When the show was over Dani wanted to leave right away and sarah wanted to stay until everyone left, I wanted to stick around to avoid that trample of people. Two against one, Dani said she would meet up by the foot court and left hoping not to run into the guys from bts.
“Your sticking around until they leave?” I asked sarah.
“Duh, aren't you?” Sarah made that like it was obvious,
“crowds, oh but I gonna say bye to Jen” I said standing up.
“Okay I'll come with you” Sarah said getting up. The three guys were still sitting and talking. I ignored it as best I could and went to the landing.
“Jen Jen” I called out.
“Jenni!” Jen called back.
“You did awesome out here” I said when we reached each other.
“Thanks, I didn't do much though “ she was grinning and looking happy,
“Jen, do you know whose in the audience right now?”Sarah whispered.
“Who?” Jen looked confused
“Bts!” Sarah exclaimed
“Oh that group your seeing tomorrow?” She questioned making me laugh.
“Yup, how awesome is that” I chuckled
“Very” she said as the beluga whale started singing behind her. I looked and the whale was right there.
“Why don't you look?” Sarah asked Jen.
“I can't it's against the rules” Jen grimaced.

The whale got the guys attention and they started coming down.
“the other trainers should be back in a minute to calm them down “ Jen said. Most of the people in the audience were gone now.
“They calm them down “ Jen said.
“Are you not allowed?” A male voice asked making me and sarah turned, Jen was still facing them and saw the three guys approach.
“No, I'm not allowed. I could loose my job if I pay any more attention to them then necessary “ Jen rambled on for a bit more after that, always the chatter box. It was bad I couldn't really recognize their faces until I looked really hard at them, it was true it really was tae, Kookie and Hobi.
“So can we get close?” Kookie asked slowly,
“just stay a few feet from the edge” Jen said.
I looked over at sarah who was ramrod straight and unmoving.
“Tiger you okay there?” I asked her.
“I fine. I like blue whale” Tae answered confusing me.it dawned on me just as Sarah excitedly shrieked.
“Omg No! No you don't have another tiger in your army!” I said to sarah. Jen was laughing at me just as sarah did
“You two ARMY?” Hobi questioned.
“I meant-
“Yes! See my hat!” Sarah cut me off and pointed at her hat. “I love you Kookie! I love you Tae! I love you Hobi!” Sarah was a puddle as she gushed her love for them making them smile. I kind of stood there standing with Jen.
“Jen do they have panda bears in the gift shop? “ I asked her.
“Yes they have a bunch of different animals. Though the panda's might just be the small ones” Jen explained.
“that works I'm getting one” I said.
“Okay, uh the trainers are coming, you should head out before they yell at you” Jen I said.
“Oh yea okay” I nodded. I nudged sarah and told the group we needed to leave.

The guys walked behind us as we walked.
“I want to head to the gift shop” I told sarah.
“okay” Sarah was silly happy.
I spotted Dani, well her back at least and her backpack bouncing as she walked opposite of us. My phone chirped than Sarah's did. Dani texted ‘
Traitor! Meet at gift shop’
I laughed and messaged back okay. I turned and made a waving gesture.
“Okay bye” I said. Sarah looked sad that she had to leave but the boys waved bye as I dragged her off.

“I can't believe we saw them here! “ Sarah started rambling about coincidence and than fate, it made me laugh. When we got to the gift shop Dani was looking through the animals, holding a penguin animal in her hands.
“penguin!” I exclaimed right behind her.
“Panda” Dani laughed
“you left us” I pouted
“you brought those boys out with you” she countered.
“didn't mean to” I shrugged “Jen kicked us all out of the area “ I said.
“ Oh fine you didn't do is at on purpose” she said. “I found a penguin. They have a tiger over there, I haven't seen panda's though” Dani said. I looked around to see Sarah with a tiger in her hand and searching through more tigers.
“Well she found tigers” I pointed out the obvious. “I'm going to track down the pandas” I said. I went off and looked around.
Out of all the animals all I could find of a panda were some necklaces, a couple books, and a little backpack panda that was pink and looked strange. Sighing I went with my next animal that they did have there. A polar bear, it was all white and looked pretty. I bumped into several people as I made my way back towards the register.
“Army!” I heard someone exclaimed and looked around. There had to have been been a bunch of bts fans, of course at the moment they would recognize fellow army's and bond over bts. Ignoring it I moved up in the line just as someone bumped into me wearing one of those shark hats.
He looked young and ultra cute with a happy face on. I smiled at him and nodded “Sorry” I said even as I wasn't the one to run into him.
“So Kay “ he said adjusting the hat. Oh that hair, blonde hair that looked soft and bouncy, I wanted to touch it.
“Panda wear are you?” I heard sarah yell out. “Panda!” I looked around and spotted sarah with Dani a few feet away, but so many people between us.
I raised my hand in the air turning away from the blonde boy.b
“Tiger!” I called back I watched sarah look a round than at me. A smile on her face. Dani didn't move, shoved the penguin into Sarah's arms and said something before leaving the store. Sarah tried getting her to stay but she wouldn't.
“What's that about?” I mumbled to myself as I heard ruffling behind me. I turned to see a guy with his hood up and headphones in his ear, he was good looking korean guy, or Asian I couldn't place my finger on ethnicity.
“Panda did you find one?” Sarah asked as she approached me.
“No panda, I'm getting a polar bear though” I said. The guy was in line behind us now with with a couple trinkets in his hand.
“Why did penguin leave?” I asked.
“Uh, she saw somebody” Sarah said
“she see jen?” I asked than shook my head “No she doesn't know Jen” I said.
“No someone else” she was shaking and her eyes darling behind me. She mouthed Nam Joon in two parts until I got it and my eyes widened.
“Oh” I snuggled my face into the stuffed animal hiding the red of my face. I didn't dare turn around again to verify. I already stared at him for a while a minute ago, I didn't want to do it again. I quickly went through the line listening to sarah talk, paid and left the store.
A bit later the three of us left the aquarium giggling and exclaiming over how we saw bts

“you avoided them at every chance” Sarah said to Dani.
“Yea well you acted like you loved them all!” Dani said.
“and jenni didn't recognize them at first” Sarah included looking at me.


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Yeah pretty much me LOL! The thought of being in close quarters with any idol freaks me out. Let alone BTS or EXO, I would run and my fat butt doesn't run from anything. Well maybe zombies.
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I'm pretty sure there would be tears Tiger.
oh my gosh I love this....man if only it was true....but but the fact that they assume army with a squeal when it was all about him answering the tiger lol. I loved that part.. thanks for making me smile right before bed...
lol as we talk tiger/panda army they zoom on one word lol. glad I could make you smile