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Original drawing I saw on the internet
My free hand drawing of the picture, done with in about 6 months.
So just a hobby but drawing really keeps me grounded, hope to be as good as my mother. The expectations of an artist parent are high πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…πŸ˜₯
I don't know how old you are or how much experience you have. But here you go. You are really good at drawing eyes. And I can tell that your picture you drew is of the one you were trying to draw. But your shading is all over the place I can't tell where the light source is coming from. And your body portions are off. I drew very similar to this when I was around 14 yrs old. And what helped me was taking lessons and reading how to draw body positions and facial composition books. You have talent and potential and if you allow others to help you, you will greatly improve.
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it looks pretty good. honestly more realistic that the picture above which in turn makes it a bit harder to see that it is Asuna and not another character.
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you are welcome keep up the good work