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Welcome back INSIPIRTS!
I am so excited to be back for another quarter!
I just want to say a thank you to those who joined the community last quarter.
*bows* It means the world to me.
Also another thank you to my amazing mod support team!
*bows aggressively* You guys rock!
If you are just joing, THANK YOU!


Coming bringing you all things Sungkyu related is the one, the only

@Helixx as Sungkyu aka Lord Snuggy

*crowd goes wild!!!*
Shining bright like those gorgeous pearly whites, please tell me what you use to get them so white,

@LemonLassie as Dongwoo aka Teethy Teeth

*trips and stumbles on flat ground*
Bringing back the grease to help fry your bacon in

@InfinitySky as Woohyun aka Harty Tarty

*someone say bacons!*
Moving in with the sweet smell of sweat and tears,

@MelissaGarza as Hoya aka Dance Machine

*Fixes eybrows and winks*
Taunting us with beautiful eyes and lanky legs, that lip bite though

@awkwardjazzy as Sungyeol aka Sunshine Butter

*squealing and melting of girls hearts*
With tough emotions but a squishy cute face, the prince himself

@PolarStarr as L aka Ayego Prince

*smiles and dimples appear*
Goofs up his own intro cause he can, but cutely aplogizes

@StefaniTre as Sungjong aka Lemon Candy

*hides behind his hyungs*

Glad we all could meet again! Here we come with big plans thia quarter and new ideas!

Be ready cause we are shooting into your hearts like the heart bullets that Woohyun waves your way!

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Sunshine Yeollie!!!!
Very adorable!