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so some of y'all might be wondering what sasaeng was....well here you go
Cory ran to the reception desk as soon as the company car stopped.
Panting he asked the receptionist for your room .
'What is your relationship?' They ask
"I'M HER BOYFRIEND" He yelled not caring who heard him.
Quickly the nurse tells him the room number and he runs off.

   After finally finding her room he goes to open the door, only for it to open on its own and a doctor walks out.
'Hello, are you ms.L/N's boyfriend?'
The singer could only nod his head.
'For now she is stable, follow me there are some things we must talk about.'

   "Now, i assume you know that she was in an accident?" He asks "obviously, doctor what happened she texted me but then she stopped what happened and what do you mean she is stable did something else happen?"
The Doctor looks at him."unfortunately yes, we believe that after being rear ended and stepping out of the car to check the damage she was hit by another car."

Cory could not believe what he was hearing. "Do you think?" The doctor looks at cory "we do believe this is the work of..a sasaeng fan.."

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Holy heckeroni!!! That was, my heart. It hirts
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Tag me please
of course!
Can you please please please add me to the tag list? i love 24K so much and do not see enough stuff for them on Vingle. i would really appreciate it 😁
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so do i! they deserve the world and so much more!