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Hey there! We're back for another awesome quarter in the anime community! It's Monday, and you know what that means: Man crush Monday! This week, we're kicking it off with our long haired man crushes, so show off those luscious locks!

Itachi Uchiha - Naruto

I had a number of man crushes to fit this theme, but I think Itachi takes the cake! He's handsome, a talented genius, and a true hero. His situation wouldn't allow him to really maintain good meaningful relationships, but I'd like to think that, given different circumstances, he would have made a great boyfriend, husband, and I'm sure an amazing father! He was a great man who deserved to live a happy life!
I so wish he could have been there for Sasuke all his life! I mean, I guess in a way he was, but you know what I mean!

Okay, I couldn't resist double featuring this week! Technically this second man crush is a character from a Korean game, so he's not really anime or even Japanese, but I'm really emotionally attached to him right now, and he satisfies the theme, so I had to!

Zen, aka Hyun Ryu - Mystic Messenger

After spending a week clearing the April Fool's special, I have some major Zen cravings (why do we have to be in different dimensions? Why!?!?!? T_T)! On the surface, he's a narcissistic pretty boy - or so I thought at first - but it turns out he's actually super sweet, caring, passionate, protective, and even kinda humble! I honestly think he might be the perfect man, like he says, if only he wasn't so damn full of himself!
I prefer to think of him as the protective big brother character, but whatever makes your penguin fly, I guess!
*Jumin route spoiler* Oh yeah, at the end of Jumin's route, he's even the one Jumin entrusts MC to in the unlikely event that anything should happen to him!
PS: yes, I may also have a bit of a thing for red eyes...

So share your man crush with luscious locks with us!
Don't forget to tag the anime mod team:
Koga from Inuyasha since I always show my love for Inuyasha himself. I also really love Koga more than Sesshomaru. I have a thing for Wolves 😍
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yeah I get, I don't like the subbed version at all. I love all of the English dubbed voices. That's basically his personality and that's why I wasn't very fond of him. I like him but I don't love him. @OtakuDemon10
Itachi had to at the very least be mentioned and I'm glad he's the top man here.. I did watch through every episode of Bleach on Netflix since we talked about it last and I'd maybe have to add Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyoraku they quickly became my favorite captains like almost immediately.
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Child Prodigy becoming youngest Captain of the 13 Court Guard Squad, it is certainly impressive and respectable to say the least.