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nah i don't give a fuck

can't you tell cause i kinda got

my middle finger up

why you hate

cause you know you lame

cause you know i'm getting paid

cause my wife yeah she beautiful

as fuck god damn tell me who go

hard as us we start up a mosh

pit and tear up the club from

back to front yeah we get it

jumpin 양손에 비싼 술 들고 춤춰
jumpin yangson-e bissan sul deulgo chumchwo
Jumpin’, we dance with pricy drinks in both hands

i know you love it you love it

the way that i talk and the way

that i'm thuggin want it they

want it cause they keep on

callin like feens

cause i bring the heat like

alonzo morning 난 없지 고민
alonzo morning nan eobsji gomin
alonzo morning I don’t have any worries

너네는 삽질하지만
neoneneun sabjilhajiman
You guys are doing pointless work

내 미래는 편하지 공익
nae milaeneun pyeonhaji gong-ig
My future is set, a public service worker

너네는 목숨을 걸지만
neoneneun mogsum-eul geoljiman
You guys put your life on the line

난 관심 없어도 뒤를 또 쫓아와
nan gwansim eobs-eodo dwileul tto jjoch-awa
I don’t even care, but you guys are following me again

돈이 거지 같은 새끼들은
don-i geoji gat-eun saekkideul-eun
These beggars come next to you

잘나가면 모기 같이 옆에 와서
jalnagamyeon mogi gat-i yeop-e waseo
like mosquitoes when you’re doing well

피를 빨지 너가 그런 새끼라면
pileul ppalji neoga geuleon saekkilamyeon
and suck on your blood

당장 f killa 먹어 꺼져 if you
dangjang f killa meog-eo kkeojyeo if you
If you’re someone like that, go eat some F killa and fuck off if you

ain't on my team yeah you heard

about me b-free reppin h i l i t e

you want it you want it

the album is coming

so go out and get it you bitch

I know this wasn't Jay's part of the rap but when he said "my wife cause he beautiful as fuck" I swear my heart skipped a beat. I was just like Yes boo. He did that. Honestly when I get pissed this is like my get hype song and then I wait to hear that specific line cause it just gets me so pumped lol Weird but I'm a weirdo.
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I love this song
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@BabydollBre it's awesome and amazing lol