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Hey guys! I just wanted to say a quick hello and show you who will be taking care of everything in our SHINee community!
Here is our posting schedule! Please join us in posting on our themed days!

Minho Monday - @VixenViVi scroll down
Tofu Tuesday - @AimeeH intro
Bling Bling Wednesday - @merrtjayne13 intro
Taemin Thursday - @akwardjazzy intro
Fabulous Friday - @Crystal intro
SHINee Saturday- TBA
Song Sunday- Everyone! Share your favorite SHINee song!

Your Moderator~
About me! Here is my selca XD
I'm 25 and SHINee is my life. I have seen them live 3 times now. Both US Fanmeets and The recent Dallas stop of SHINeeWorldV! They are so amazing live and i couldn't be more proud. I'm in a couple big Shawol groups and I love sharing Shawol love. We have such an amazing fandom. I'm a nerd and always up to talk! If you want my kakao just ask! I am learning korean so if you want to talk about that too! I will be taking a trip to korea later this year and I can't wait!

So lets keep this community a great one guys!!

and as a treat if you read all this
a less known onew stage that is just wonderful! The song is on Melon if you have it and well worth the listen
@sukkyongwanser yay! let's have fun ^^
Nice to meet, I am excited to play with you this quarter!