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Hello Everyone! So I decided to waive the guidelines card. I have done it before, and i feel that it would be redundant. This community is wonderful in terms of respect, so I will just link it.

OKAY! So we have some new features we thought up for the community. ♡

♡Weekly Schedule♡

Alrighty! So we are still keeping our members, but we are rotating between the member cards and features. Just a refresher for everyone, I'll post the Edits.

Also, I'm putting the information on our new features this term after the weekly Schedule.

I will Be in Charge of SeYoung Monday's ♡
@StefaniTre will be Heading Casper Tuesday's ♡
@Tigerlily84 & @JiyongLeo are in charge of SIN Wonho
@merryjayne13 will be Tiktaks rep.
Our very own MAKNAE @AlexisJ15 is Yongseoks mirror.
Our super precious Heartuka @InfinitySky is our Happy Virus Sangmin ♡

☆☆ You probably notice there isn't a Sunday. I will get to that shortly☆☆

▪▪ Features ▪▪

OKAY! Here's the Fun part!

So my team and I have been racking our brains for fun things this term. Here is what we Have compiled.

❇Zodiac With Cross Gene ♡

A few of us on the Team are well versed on Astrology. So we thought that this would be fun to do. All you will have to do is let us know your bday (I'll make a separate Card).

나하고 놀자 Games With Cross Gene

▪▪ This will be our feature for screenshot games, Scavenger Hunts, and door games.

¤ CandY Crush Of the Week ¤

So we are starting a Member appreciation for the community. I'm sure everyone has seen Member of the Week, well we decided that we should begin that. All you have to do is participate: Make cards, comment. Participation is the way to go.

▪▪Whomever is chosen As CandY Crush, will be gifted 2 Choices between: a Spam of their Gene and any other 3 biases, Collages, Fanfics, or Edits etc.

☆ S.S. Cross Gene ☆

I know you have always wondered which Gene you would be compatible with, right? Well look no further and let us send you on a Ship ♡

▪▪ Community Pairings. I'll make another card for a master Document where you can submit simple information about yourself. This will be all about you, and will help the team and my self set you up with the Gene that will compliment your personality.
▪▪ Gif Reactions Scenarios ▪▪
Another feature we have decided on, is Gif Reactions for Cross Gene. I will make a master card for the community to Submit their ideas and scenarios that they would like to see Cross Gene React to.

~~ Alright now earlier in the Card, I mentioned that Sunday was missing. The reason for that, is because we decided to do something different.

Since Cross Gene now has Dongsaengs, Novadox, we felt that keeping up with their new journey as well as Cross Gene's continued journey, would be really great. So instead of Having Cross Gene Sundays, we changed it to,

♡ All Things AMUSEing ♡

We will be keeping up with info for Novadox now, and current for Cross Gene.
☆☆ I will be Creating a tag for Novadox ♡

▪▪▪ Bonus ▪▪▪

Cross Gene has a movie out called Zedd, where music ends up helping these guys save the world from a Zombie Apocalypse. Well, I want to create an interactive Screenshot game based on the movie. I will have to work out the details, but I think it will be fun. I'm shooting towards the middle Part of April to have everything worked out.

Alrighty, this is what we as a team has worked on to bring to the community. I hope it brings a bit of refreshment to the community. ♡

✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧

♢ CandY Babies ♢

If you would like to be added to the Cross Gene tag, please let me know ♡

If you would like to be added to the Novadox Tag list, please leave a comment below as well ♡

☆ NOVADOX Monsters ☆

(The name doesn't reflect their fandom, since they haven't announced a fandom name. I just love the song Monster, and am using that for the name ♡

i look forward to the cross gene spams @AimeeH
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I will bebe!