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So some of you might know about me, some of you might not. My name is Jordan, my first name is Alexandria, hence the AlexisJ15.
— I am 15, but I will be 16 on April 12th
— I am a first chair flute/picolo/piano player for the North Greene Husky Band
— I am from Greeneville Tennessee
— I am a very friendly person and love to talk, so I encourage community convos, I'd love to get to know everybody
— I am the former Moderator for the NCT U community, but now I am second in command to the new moderator KaiLuhan4ever. There I am in charge of Yuta Thursday.
— I am an official mod supporter for the Boys Republic, Cross Gene, B1A4, Black Pink, and NCT communities.
— I am an unofficial mod supporter for the VIXX community and Pentagon communities
— My two ultimate bias groups are VIXX and BTS, my ultimate biases are Ravi and Taehyung.
— I'm a hipster and really chill, but at the same time extremely hyper and happy.
—Im a student writer, but I take my time and I often don't put out the book until the whole thing is completed.

— Now, for my personal tag list, which I will be using in ALL my cards, not just a select few for the many communities I put cards out in, I would like to ask that you please comment on the bottom of this cards for me. Thank you! —

— Now, to be tagged in the 13K Elite (The mod support teams official tag list), I ask that you please click on the link below and comment on that card for me so we can add you to the tag list. Thank you! —

† Just today I'm using most my taglists, but just for today only!! †
13K Team:

13K Elite -





✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧

♢ CandY Babies ♢

Black Flames Squad
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Congrats! (and happy pre birthday ^ω^)
Thank You😁