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I wonder how is he is doing..I have been looking out for updates.. LOL.
Remember those bugs killers ⤴that Jackson was using on that show "Taste of Others"..when there were bugs in their room, he was killing them with those things..haha.. Jackson probably bought him a few to take for the Mosquitos ..since Mark hates Mosquitos..hehehe.
I found these really cute fan to their owners..This is too funny .. and for real he took an ahgabong with him..ahhaha look!?
LOL..and you know a who suggested him to take it!??! GUESS!!
LOL!! ..THIS IS too funny..
since Jackson was with Mark when he was packing...Hee told Mark ⤵
I read he was kneeling down there because he forgot his passport..LOL..but he did not forget what Jackson ask him to take with him.
"THE AHGABONG"..haha..anyway..
And the following are pics of Mark in New Zealand some Fan spotted him and uploaded them ..⤵
And Also Papa Tuan as usual Never EVER helps?! at all..haha
LOL!!..He actually edited this picture? just to troll..haha..We got to love Papa Tuan..⤵

MY MARKIE POOH..I can't wait to see this show..can't wait...
ok let's just look at some nice pics..
And this is a fan art of when he lost the the required questions or something and had to wait outside the radio show.

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He'll be fine. I can't wait to see all the new episodes of.LofJ.