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Hello Lovelies! Its Stef here. This will be and Intro card.
I am the Mod for Shinhwa. I want to spread oppas love everywhere!
I will be in charge of bringing you Juicy Junjin Thursdays(the title for the card is still in the works so if you guys have an idea im all of it) Anyways I will also be support for a few communities:

Monday I will be my Manly Oak Tree YouJin. He so handsome!

Also on Monday im in charge of the whole group of VIXX.

Tuesday i will be in charge of Wild n Chic Tuesday. Which is Casper of Cross Gene.
Thursday i will help out Topp Dogg community when they need me.

Last but not least I will be in charge of Beautiful Sungjong on Fridays.

I love this meme lol. Ok a little bit about me
Im 31 im a single parent to a mini kpopper. In my house if you mention B.A.P Youngjae at all she will literally tell you not to say his name and that he is hers XD. I live in Ohio where the weather changes as much as kpop idols changes thier hair colors. XD Sorry lame joke but accurate lol. Ive been a Jpop fan since the 90s and became a kpop fan in the early 2000s. I know im not very interesting >.< mian haeyo. That is all toodles!
can you please tag me
Will do
Can you add me please. Thank you!
Will do