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“Finally its closing time and the best part of the day” I said stretching my whole body
“Yeah closing time is the best part for me too especially today that was so busy for a small café” said my coworker
“Huh? No I'm not saying because of that. I mean I like closing time too but I get to go home and se--”
“Ah!! It’s because you get to see that ‘Mr. Pretty face’ of yours right” said my coworker with a smirk on her face and arms crossed
“Unni!!! He's not just some ‘pretty face’ he’s more than that and you should know you’ve seen him. And yes that is my favorite part of the day because I get to see him ok” I said hugging myself and smiling like a fool
“*deep sigh* tst tst tst what am I going to with you y/n. look at you, you’re head over heels over someone who doesn’t even know you exist. And never will” said unni with crossed arms
“Ash unni why do you have to be like this can’t you let me dream huh? And he does know I exist HA!!!” I said crossing my arms giving unni my back
“Oh really, then tell me have you guys talked? And for how long huh? And that includes you not going into stupid mood”
“What… I –I –I ….. When have I gone into stupid mood huh? Tell me” I said turning to look at unni
“You really want me to tell you even though you said not to bring this up ever again. But if that’s what you want then”
“Come on tell me, I'm waiting!!!”
“Ok then….. Remember the day Mr. Pretty face moved in next door to us and you bumped into him and dropped your smoothie on him and you panic and went into stupid mood that you couldn’t talk and instead just ran off into the apartment and I was left there alone to apologize for you. and that one time when you saw him coming out the elevator and just creamed and ran down the stairs and that one time when you told him you hated him but you were saying to me on the phone but he thought it was to him and you just looked at him and turned around oh and there was this one time you-”
“Ok, ok I get it!! You can stop now. Now come on let's go home it's late already”
After closing and locking the café we made our way home. Being roommates with your coworker had its ups and downs. Why? Well for one I never walk home alone unless she misses work which is like once in every hundred years. Unni won’t miss work unless she’s dying so that was good for me but the downside was that we were always together except weekends she parties and I just stay home fangirling over hot Korean man. We got home and got ready for bed but first a one more episode. While I was finishing the last episode of the drama unni came into my room looking really serious.
“Unni what’s wrong?”
“I-I ….. It’s nothing I was just wondering when you’re going to let him you like him, you know before it's too late and you’re left in pain” said unni with a sad smile
“It’s just that you’ve been crushing on him for the past 3 years and…. And I just don’t want you to be like that anymore. Loving someone that may hurt you at the end without him knowing that he did”
“Unni I-”
“I know I should mind my own business but it's just ….. You saw that happening to me with Jin and you saw how much pain a one sided crush can bring and how much it hurt …. I don’t want you to go through I what I went through. I'm sorry if I'm stepping out of line but I care for you and I’ve come to love you like a sister I just don’t want you to get hurt” unni said with tears rolling down her cheeks
We talked for about 20 minutes more until unni went to sleep and left me thinking on what I should do.
‘Should I tell him I like him? Will he like me back? What if he was someone already what will I do next? Would he laugh at me for confessing my feelings to him? What should I do?’
I kept thinking on what I should do until I remember the box. That one special box that had all the letters I had wrote him telling him how I feel about him
‘Just one more’ I thought to myself ‘one last letter telling him how I feel about him. How I felt about him. One last letter saying goodbye to this one sided crush, which never had a chance to start and be more than a simple crush.
The next morning
My morning went as usual. My alarm went off I got up brushed my teeth got ready and went to the kitchen to eat breakfast with unni
“Good morning, did you sleep well? Want some coffee” asked unni
“Yes please. Thank you..... It was ok I guess”
“Huh? Couldn’t sleep much huh?”
“Yeah I was ………. I was actually thinking about what you said last night an-and you’re right. I should stop this stupid crush that’s getting me nowhere. And I think you’re right he probably doesn’t even know I exist for all I know he just thinks that I'm just some crazy girl that happens to live in the same building as him” I said finishing my breakfast and getting ready to leave for work
“Good for you y/n I'm proud of you. And don’t worry you’ll find someone”
“Thanks. That’s why I’ve decided to confess my feeling to him even if he rejects me I won’t regret not telling him. Now come on we’re going to be late for work” I said opening the door
“Yo-yo-you’re doing what??!!!!”
“I'm going to tell him unni. I'm going to tell him that I love him but that I’ll be putting an end to it so he doesn’t have to feel pressured to give me an answer”
“Are you sure? I mean he lives next door to us so if you tell him how you feel and then later see each other wont thing be you know…. Uncomfortable”
“yeah but I’ve made up my mind and I'm not backing out now” I said making our way to elevator “besides I can always try to get with jimin I heard he’s single and looking for someone” I said lighting the mood a little bit
“Yeah and a player too. Y/n there’s plenty of fish in the sea just not my brother ok. He’s too much of a player and will end up hurting you trust me mind as well just keep on crushing on Mr. pretty face” she said
“So what I'm hearing is that you don’t to be my sister-in-law then?” I said playfully
“What!! NO!!! Don’t get me wrong I would love to have you marry into our family but jimin is the problem. And sorry it’s a force of habit calling him like that. Ohhhh I know! How about you marry my cousin he’s a good looking guy and he’s very sweet”
“But-but I want jimin!! Unni please” I said fake crying
“You know what let’s just go. We can talk about this later ok. Now come on we’re late already” said unni holding my hand and crossing the street to the café

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